Instant Glam

Lace Dress: Thrifted || Sequined Dress: Thrifted
Shoes: NAFNAF || Rings: KISS Accessories

Sequined again? I have this fondness over sequins and glitters especially when I'm going to events where "dressing up" is required. I love how effortless sequined pieces are, and how you do not need to put on any additional accessories (yes sometimes I'm to lazy to accessorize). So for the Freeway x Levi Celerio event, I wore again this sequined dress (which I already used as a top here) and topped it up with a lace dress that I used as a cape (another repeated piece here)

Instant glam right? I always find it funny that whenever I'm tooo lazy to dress up, I end up wearing stunning outfit cause I'd rather let the dress speak for itself. And yes, I don't mind re-wearing clothes as long as its styled differently. I know you agree on that. :)

Anyway, I have a lot of awesome stuff to post, so stay tuned.
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Much Love,
The Bargain Doll
Photos by Henry 


Shermika said…
Now don't you look cute enough. I didn't know the lace dress was a dress, I just thought it was some long coat. I love the sequined dress and the fact that you thrifted your major pieces rocks! I love thrifting. ~SD
Mariecolen_mabitad said…
indeed stunning! great finds too :)
Mariecoleen_mabitad said… :)
Airra Pingol said…
OMG! those were thrifted?! O_o
girl, you better take me with you when you go out bargain hunting! :)
Tess Chancellor said…
nice fashionable outfit. It doesn't loo like a cheap ones. I hope I can be like you who knows how to buy and choose the best stuff on thrift store.
Really loving this outfit especially since the dresses are thrifted! I love going to thrift stores too! :D Good job, Rovie!!! :)
AfianneCope said…
One of my favorite bargain dolls ensemble!
animetric said…
I wish I was slim enough to wear dresses, haha. XD
Sumi Go said…
Wow! Can't believe those lace and sequined dresses are thrifted! How I wish I get to have such an awesome thrift find too! <3
Rizza Javier said…
Nice outfit! <3 <3 <3

Rizza (beingwell)
Lovelee said…
Awesome find you got there! I applaud you. Winner! =)
haha yes i thift a lot :P sure i hope we'll have time :D
thank you :)
haha me too! :D thanks michelle :D
thanks afianne :)
you still could!! :D
thanks sumi :D
thanks rizza!! :)
wonderwoman45 said…
"Photos by Henry". I will show him this when he gets home. He will be super happy. Hahaha.
Kaye Tinney said…
Love those bangles... and as always, you look fabulous in whatever outfit you are wearing.
kweshie said…
it's so cool that you those are thrifted!!<3
Mhillie said…
Where do u actually go to find those stunning thrifted pieces? Any idea? Thanks.. I live in paranaque din

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