Inviting you to the Bookworm Brigade!

Hello guys! Inviting you to an interesting event, the Bookworm Brigade Party happening June 30 11 AM - 4 PM. This activity is spearheaded by Moonleaf Maginhawa where you can trade, swap, donate books and even bond with your friends over a cup of milk tea!
  • Bookswap - swap your books with fellow bookworms and get to know them too! Mechanics to be posted soon :)
  • Booktrade - You can sell your books, too, but we have a ceiling price of PhP100 ONLY per book.
  • Bookdrive - bring educational books that we can donate after! Let's help the cause of education. We're partnering with Global Shapers by Anna Oposa with the book donations.
  • Books free-for-all - bring also books you wanna give away, and you may as well pick something from this nook :)
 For inquiries, Just tweet @Jonver_David or post at the official event page.

See you there!

Much Love, 
The Bargain Doll


nice idea!
Rovie you are a full on socialite with all the fab events. I will be sure to tweet for my followers in your area.
Hazel said…
aww sayang naman, kahapon pala 'to!!!
Sharina said…
Sad I didnt catch this! Milk tea and books = 2 of my faves!

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