L-Time Studio Fashion Series

LTIMESTUDIO with its more than 10 years in existence continues to offer wide selection of affordable branded Fashion, Lifestyle, Sports and Tech-centered time pieces to let consumers choose the watch that matches their personality.
To influence consumers to draw their fashion inspiration from their watch, LTIMESTUDIO lauched the Fashion Series Program. This program will be centered on today's influential online personalities (David Guison, Lissa Kahayon, Camille Co and VJ Joyce Pring) that will style 6 watch brands for this series.
The first of the Fashion series featured (one of my favorite) fashion blogger, David Guison who styled for the ODM Watch brand. His multi-faceted styling is perfect for the ODM "inno-trendy" timewear which is creative, dynamic, and colorful.
Hosted by VJ Joyce Pring, the event was filled with stylish people who learned a lot of things from David's talk. Personally I learned styling tips for males (which I would definitely do to my fiance, hehe!). It became a lot more fun when the programmed chose 3 pairs of bloggers on a "styling contest" using David's clothes and ODM Watches. And you see it right, Aisa Ipac and Paul the PR Guy won the contest. And they looked really good! :D 
And believe it or not, I won this cute ODM watch cause I was awarded best dressed for the event. I couldn't believe it as it was my first time to receive an award. Haha. Thanks a lot for choosing me :) (Will upload outfit photos soon)

And of course, the after event photos:
With David Guison
Terno couples! Look how cute the colors Sarah and Kelly wore! (parang pinagusan lang) and of course, Arnie and Paul wearing matching purple tops!
Of course, the event was a lot fun cause of these bloggers. Until our next event :)

Outfit post to follow soon. :)
Much Love, TBD


Carizza Chua said…
haha love the matching outfits! didnt notice bout arnie and paul's!
Cai said…
Congrats on your ODM..so nice!
Dami mong events ha, in demand ang beauty! :)
rejille patanao said…
:)) hi rovie, noticed you there kaso shy akong lapitan ka, mukhang busy eh, pero finally, super nice seeing you :)

wild and fierce
Freesia said…
Looked like a great event, those watches are amazing!
I think those watches will the HOT NEW THING!
jared's mum said…
loads of watches, cool! + loads of fashionable bloggers, too! ^_^ i wish i was able to join this event, i might've bumped into you! ;)
Lizzie said…
Nice. So you're with carizza pla. :) Miss ko na umatend ng mga ganyan! :)
love the photos rovie!:) see you again soon!:) ♥
Jade said…
I lov ethe Lego watch... feel young lang. San lng kasi madami ng nag immitate ng designs.
animetric said…
Looks like fun! Sayang I wasn't able to make it because it was my coding day... thanks for sharing.
Super love the photos, babe!! :) Great to see you. Thank you sa pag-serve samin ng food, Mommy!! ♥ Haha congratulations also for being the best dressed! You deserve it!
Hsboschke30 said…
So fun! I love all of the bright colors -and that pizza looks amazing :)

haha couples of the day nga :D
haha di naman girl. hope to see you soon :)
next time rej "_" thanks!!
nicole said…
I'm loving your necklace and blazer... and the lego watch and most especially the pizza. haha it's what caught my attention. XD
thanks :)
Thanks :)
You should have :)next time!
yep :) Thanks lizzie!!
See you soon haze :)
oo nga e, but theyre really fab :)
aaaw next time would love to meet you dear :) Thanks!!
thanks :)
haha i miss you na nga baby girl!! :)
yes and they taste great :) thanks!
Carmella said…
Congarts for winning the best dress! Like you outfit.. =)

haha thanks :)
ruthilicious said…
I never realized they were wearing the same clothes! Congrats again! Too bad wasn't able to mingle much because I had to go to work.. Argh. :D

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