Let the Red Do The Talking

Top: Folded & Hung || Pants: Tops & Totes (Greenhills) 
Shoes: ROME Shoes || Necklace: Anagon Collection || Watch: Rubi

Trivia: (My cousin) had the top for more than years already! 

Anyway, remember when I attended Uniqlo's pre launch event a couple of weeks back? This was actually what I was wearing (before I changed my shoes to a more comfortable one). I wanted to look really comfortable and feminine for the event, so I could walk around and shop easily in the store. And more than that, I honestly do not have any idea what to wear that day cause I came from Paolo's house and I only have few available clothes to choose from. So to help myself out, I decided to let the red pants and the necklace do the talking. I guess it worked, right?

And oh, good news I"m back to work and currently recovering from my sickness :D Expect more blog post soon! :D

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And one of the rare photos that I'm actually smiling. :) In a few months time my braces will be removed and I can finally show my pearly whites (that I have been dreaming since I was nine!)

Much Love, 
 The Bargain Doll


Nicole Paler said…
oh wow... ganda ng outfit mo na to! parang gusto ko tuloy bumili ng corset hahaha :)
www.aaronicelim.com said…
i hope you smile often on your peeks your prettier , but i know with pictorials you always have to do the pout and project =) I was in greenhills last monday I should have seen this post earlier so i can check the shop I want the red pants
www.prettyclaire.info said…
nice outfit! it suit you well. :)
Yii!!! Love this, Mommy! Nag-smile na rin siya, yay! Let's do this more often! ;) Haha miss youuu! Hope you're feeling a lot better now. See you and our dinner haaa ♥
Diva Fabulosa said…
Nice outfit! Love the red pants!! And I agree with the rest you look prettier when you smile doll :)
Kai Grafia said…
you look amazing in the ensemble! :) loving the white booties! :))
toni pino said…
looove your red high-waist trousers!

toni pino-ocaperfumed red shoes
Rovie, I love your trousers too. I love that it's a bold shade of red. :)
Sumi Go said…
Love the red pants and your shoes!!! :D This outfit is simple, but the red definitely gives your whole ensemble a pop! ;)
Trisha said…
I love the red pants!!<3 Simple pero so classy. <3
Helen said…
Ganda! I love your pants as much as I love red lipstick. Rovie! Dati ko pa binabasa blog mo, pero narealize ko ngayon ko lang siya nafollow sa GFC. :)) Haha
Yuki Lusiana Eka said…
so pretty!!!<3
kath said…
love this! so chic :D
Kaye Awatin said…
Such a sexy sophisticated look... love it!

Kaye Awatin

Blog: http://thestyleflux.blogspot.com

Twitter: @thestyleflux
The red definitely does the talking!! Cute pants. I love the color. And, the shoes are neat too. Your smile is pretty. I wore braces as an adult and couldn't WAIT to get them off. The time was worth it though ;-) Your braces look great!
I was joining and followed you at bloglovin but did not clsim my blog yet.
michymichymoo said…
Where's Top and Totes exactly in GH? I want to buy new pants.hehe. :)

Shannon said…
great giveaway! and great outfit you managed to pull that look out of thin air it certainly let the red do the talking!

True Queen
Dys Pacete said…
Hey dear! you look even more beautiful with braces on. i swear! :) I suggest you take a lot more photos that exposes your braces besides in few months it'll be removed. :)
Kookie Buhain said…
love the red pants on you!
thanks so much :)
haha salamat! im always insecure about my smile and glad someone tells me its nice :p
thanks :)
you know what, I don't know. I can't remember where cause I was just walking around when I saw it. But I can remember its near a Barquillos de sorbetes stand haha :P
I don't understand :) But ill check!
thanks im excited too!
thanks kath :)
thank you <3
wow thanks for following helen!! its an honor!! :D
thanks trisha :)
wow thanks sumi :)
thanks michelle :)
thanks toni!
thanks kai :)
aaaw. thanks :)
we just had and Im looking forward to more dinner dates babe <3
thanks :)
great! thanks :)
go! buy na beb!!:D
Holly said…
Those shoes are fantastic!!
Arra said…
Red and white looks so good together! Love how you styled it, Rovie!

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