Myra Holistic Skin Care

My skin is something I take really good care of. If you know me well, you know that I have a religious skin routine which is cleanse, tone and moisturize. But, on top of this I have one beauty secret that keeps my skin fair and glowing, that is Myra E.
I attest that more than making my skin more beautiful, it actually helps to keep my hair less prone to breakage (yes, cause I have the thinnest, weakest hair ever).

And when I learned that Myra-E launched a campaign to teach people of an effective skin care regimen, I couldn't help but get very excited. Just this year, MYRA launched the MYRA HOLISTIC SKIN CARE -- a skin care line composed of all Myra E's product to help people achieve a skin care regimen using only one Brand.
Beauty from the inside out. Of course, having beautiful skin must start from the cellular level, which the Myra 400 E gives by repairing and renewing cells to give out a healthy, more beautiful skin on the outside.
Of course, better results will be achieved  when used Myra's Hand & Body Lotion and Myra's Facial Moisturizers. These products will further enhance Myra 400 E's benefit to your skin by protecting skin against sun damage while maintaining it soft and hydrated.
And another thing I love about Myra are their cosmetic line! Myra also has Shine Free Facepowder and Lip Balm that has SPF15 to further protect the skin from the sun's harmful UV rays.

Since I'd love to try Myra's Holistic Skin Care, lemme show you some of the products that I have already tried:
I've always had dry skin, especially on my hands and feet. I am usually lazy putting on lotion (because of the humid weather we have) and sometimes the branded, imported ones I'm using don't actually help on moisturizing my skin (they're only fragrant, honestly). But this one, Myra Vita Quench is an exception. Aside from its sweet smell, it actually moisturizes my hands and feet for a longer time than usual (I've applied this lotion an hour before I started blogging and they're still moist as I speak).
Moreover, I love maintaining my fair skin. That's the reason why I tried on Myra's Vitawhite to maintain my fair skin and help lighten up dark spots (due to pimple marks) that I get once in a while. Well if you know me well, you know that I've been a Ponds girl since I was young and its actually one of the few times (well the second haha) that I'm trying on a new product on my face. I'm looking forward to its effect on my skin but one thing I liked about this facial moisturizer -- its not sticky and its a good make up base.
The Myra Shine Free powder! Its a light powder that is perfect for everyday use. Paired with the Myra Lipbalm, add on a blush on and you're good to go!
And there you go, my fresh, Myra face for the day.
I did not bother putting on too much make up so you can see how the products look on my skin (first photo) but I added on a little amount of blush and pink lipstick and its perfect for a day out!
I still have a lot of Myra products to review so stay tuned. :)
PS: Its my first time to do a product review, should you have more suggestions feel free to comment below :) Have a great sunday!

Much Love,
The Bargain Doll


Aileen A. said…
I've been taking Myra but stopped last year--I got busy haha but I'm thinking of taking it again. It really makes my skin glow. :) Love your pictures by the way! Pretty <3
Aizel Camille said…
Ooh. I have to try Myra products, especially the Vit. E supplement. Need an anti-oxidant since I am always exposed to harmful chemicals. =)

Thanks for the post!
Well-written post, Mommy Rovie!! :) Love how you looked so effortlessly beautiful with those Myra products! ♥ Same tayo, may religious ritual for skin. Haha mana sayo forever ♥
Rhea Bue said…
wooow.. cool babe! :) dami atang new products ang Myra ngayon ah. niiiice :D you look lovely and fresh! <3
Roxy said…
I haven't tried Myra products coz mom told me that its not a good product but i think this time i need to try it on my own :)) Thanks for the review girl at least ngayon gusto ko na din itry :D
Great photos, Rovie! You look like a true Myra E girl! Beautiful inside and out! :)
Before I switched to organic skincare products, Myra was my brand of choice, too. :)
I make it a point to always take Myra 400 E vitamins since I'm already in my 30's and my skin really needs all the help it can get.
Hazel said…
well done rovie!! :) i like that your product review has so many photos and interesting tidbits about myra!! :)

i tried the facial moisturizer and lotions from myra already.. want to try the capsule next :D

Arra A. said…
I would love to try Myra too. Been thinking when because my mom told me it didn't work for her. But because of your review, I might give it a go!

Arra ;)
Carizza Chua said…
havent tried their face powder yet. I used the capsules before and it makes me feel sleepy all the time like saying "take a beauty rest now, girl" that I have to stop using it
Jess A. said…
you're pretty! xxx Jess

do something for your inspiration & follow on Facebook:
vix parungao said…
so that is why it is called the Myra Holistic Skin Care! i was not aware that they have quite an array of skin products. i have tried Myra E for awhile + is bent on making it a daily habit. thanks for reminding, time now to hit the drugstore + get my own bottle of those Myra E's ! :D
Rizza Javier said…
So cool! I love Myra-e products. They work very well with my skin.

Rizza (beingwell)
animetric said…
Wow, Myra has lip balm already! Interesting. :)
You do have really beautiful skin! Your skin care routine really worked. :) I have dry hands and feet too so lotion is a must have for me. I'll check out Myra's line when I see it at the grocery :)
Jade said…
I love Myra E the capsule one. It lessen the dryness on my skin.
Megann Monday said…
I tried the Myra E supplements for a week, but it was my mom's so I stopped. In fairness, in just a week there was already a bit of improvement. Will have to set aside budget for it though! Thinking about going back :) Great review, sister!!! Miss you.

♥ Megann of Style Surgery
Yamari said…
Rovie, you have gorgeous skin. I love taking vitamins for hair and skin and they really do make a difference with time. I can't wait for you to review the remaining products. One minor suggestion is for you to take before and after pix after using the products for sometime and let us know if it's worth the investment.
What a comprehensive line. I also take vitamin E regularly.
Sumi Go said…
I don't take Vitamin E (I will soon), but I use Myra's hand and body lotion, and lip balm! :D Love the products! Btw, I think you did a great job making this review, very comprehensive with nice photos.. :)
Lizzie said…
Love the packaging. I've tried the myra e moisturizer before but my face is not so hiyang so i stopped. Hehe.
Mom-Friday said…
Nice! I missed the Myra event...
I like their shine-free powder and the Vanilla flavored lipbalm :)
the vit e capsule is the best :D thanks aileen!!
yes and it'll make your skin glow too! thanks for the visit :)
chos!! thanks anak! pareho lang tayo, mana ka sakin e :p
yup!! thanks rhea :)
personally im taking the vit e and i love their lotion, supe affordable pa:)
thank you Unilab!! I Love Myra! especially the lotion! :) makes my skin really soft!! :D
thats great :) thanks for dropping by!
agree:) thanks lourdes!
wow thanks hazel!! :D sige sige ill do more reviews pa ;P
hhaa really you get sleepy, thats weird cause i take it naman every morning :)
yes from inside and out :) thank you!!:)
haha yes they have na :) its great! :)
true! :) thanks :)
cause of the antioxidants! you want ba?i can get youuuu :)
thanks :) sure ill do that! great suggestion :)
thank you :)
thanks sumi :) try the vit e, ganda rin sya :)
aaaww.. sayang naman :)
great products but affordable no? thanks :)
salmoncat said…
hi. saw this post which is a copy of yours.

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