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Just a quick outfit post before I finally go to bed after cramming a lot of backlog PhFW entries. Anyway, sharing to you guys what I wore on the last day of the Philippine Fashion Week last Sunday at SMX. 

Since I've been on a (always) on a "budget" mode, I honestly decided to be smart this PhFW season. I thrifted all the outfits I wore for the fashion week. If you could recall my outfit during the Oxygen show, both my top and skirt were thrifted and hence, I did the same for that day. I thrifted this sequined top a week before PFW (at an ukay in Mandaluyong) while the skirt is actually the dress I wore at the absolut elyx event. A bit creative, isn't it?
Shoes: From Greenhills | Earrings: Random from Edsa Central | Bangles: Random

Even the shoes were a steal cause I bought them weeks ago at a random shoe store in Greenhills. Funny how I only spent a minimal amount of money preparing for fashion week. I've always been a firm believer that its not about the price, but on how you carry it. I hope you liked my outfit and surprised you that they are thrifted / tiangged just like how a lot of people were surprised when they found out about it too.  :)

PS: A lot said that I was channelling Vern Enciso style on my outfit.Probably because of the tutu skirt I was wearing. :)

Thanks to Megann for taking my outfit photos. You are always the best :)

Much Love,TBD


Marie said…
Love this outfit! I made a similar skirt for my 10-yo daughter, would love to do one with the whole ensemble, top included...keep it up!
nicole said…
Your outfit is like so cute and daring cause of the sequins... it reminds me of the model in Illamasqua Naked Strangers Nail Polishes... the girl with golden flakes all over her hair...and a bit on her face...:) you should check it out. ^_^ another winning outfit girl! :)
NinMonster said…
Love the outfit! And you, my dear, have lived up to your blogger identity in this outfit. A bargain ensemble while looking like a doll! :)
Lizzie said…
Doll! I love your outfit here. :)
Hazeluri said…
I love your outfit posts as usual! :D
Megann Monday said…
Didn't realize it was the same skirt as the one from Elyx :) Can't believe how many outfit photos I've taken of you already. Hihi I love my sister! :) And thanks for also taking some of mine! You're the best too ;)

♥ Megann of Style Surgery
Cool outfit and I specifically like the shoes! It doesn't look as if you were on a budget mode, seriously :)
thanks dear :) yes its a cute one! :D
Haha. Thanks nicole for the sweet comment :)
Wow! Happy to have established that :) thanks!!
wow! thanks lizzie :)
thanks a lot hazel <3
Of course :) that's what sisters are for. Love you meggy :)
thanks :) taking that as a compliment :D
Anonymous said…
Lalaine Alarcon said…
I think its more of Verniece Gitter + Tutu Skirt. But hey Rock it!,. I love ukay too,. ur a great thrifter.
thanks lalaine :)
Mariecoleen_mabitad said…
it looks like a dress lang, from i great pieces :)

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