At Villa Ibarra

Top: Topshop || Pants: Uniqlo || Blazer: Thrifted
Shoes: Rubi || Hat: From Pie
Whenever our photographer / workmate John is in the area (on our conventions and work) all of us are excited to pose in front of his camera. Having a good skill in photography, John definitely make normal-looking people like us look like models in our own way. So when we were at Villa Ibarra at Tagaytay last week for our company breakfast we cannot let the beautiful view pass without having our photos taken. So let me share with you some of the photos John took us while we were there.
You could guess who among my male workmates is the most vain! Haha
My funny, pa girl moments with pie. I love this!

Good photos, right? I still have a lot of (work) photos to share. And if you're looking for a photographer, you can contact me for details! John's a great one. He's the one who also took this photo, (on dim lights and no edits.)

And hope you can hype my look! Its been a while since I last posted an entry in lookbook

Have a great Rainy weekend! Be safe and stay dry guys! :)

Much Love, 
The Bargain Doll


Algene said…
My most favorite picture is the third one :) Ang saya naman nito.
michymichymoo said…
I love your shoes! :)
Megann Monday said…
Lakas naman makayaman ng floppy hat na yan, ate! Akin na lang. Sumbong kita kay mommy pag 'di mo binigay. Chos. Miss youuuu!!!!!!!!

♥ Megann of Style Surgery
Chrisair said…
you are so lovely but more lovelier when smiling
I love the candid shots! I think candid shots are better than planned ones :) What camera does he use nice indeed!
cute naman ng mga phots .you all enjoyed the photo shoot. I love your outfit, you look gorgeous.
claire said…
Very artistic like there's drama on every photo. I liked it!
kweshie said…
I like your shoes Rovie! Did you buy it online? If yes, Can I have the link? <3
Chyrel Gomez said…
I love your pants. =)
Ness Mercader said…
The place seems to be lovely. Perfect for photo shoots and bonding with family and friends.
Your pants <3

Florence @OneGutsyMom said…
Lovely photos! My fave is the first one - and the hat, so haciendera look! :)
Imran said…
wow lovely photos
You are looking very pretty
My favourite is last but one pic :)
Love the candid shots of you laughing! :)
Roxanne said…
lakas maka donya look rovie! really love those photos.
blooming as ever ;)
Karen said…
good shots and outfit.
I love the color of your jeans! :> You look pretty dear!
Dys Pacete said…
I love the third picture. The one that you show your braces :) You're so pretty dear. And your clothes. OMG. Sarap sa mata ng color. :) Perfect for a cold and breezy day. :)
You look so nice here, Rovie. I love the pants! I've been looking for something like it kaso super mahal they one I saw in Topshop :( Really love your thrifted blazer! :D
i love the photos, ur look here is so nice and just gives a fresh feeling :)
ANG GANDA MOOO! No joke no bola!!! :-O Haha love your Uniqlo pants!! Super sarap sa mata *_* Love youuu ♥
Naks. I love your pose and the hat haha! :) I am not a topshop lover though I am always trying to look for outfits that will suits me hehehe. :)
rubenlicera said…
Just proceed for your passion,,and being good looking..
Dhadha ( said…
Great photos! And you look very pretty sis! :)

Btw, super like ko ung girly moments photos mo with pie. Hihi.

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