Beauty Post: E.L.F Cosmetics

I love make-up. I'm that type of a girl who cannot leave the house without putting on make-up, or that girl who feels ugly without one. So every time I go out (for work, party or just a stroll outside the house), I make sure that I have a bit of make-up on.

So when I received a package from one of my favorite make-up brand, I couldn't help but get very very excited.
E.L.F. has been one of my favorite make up brands. I first discovered it a couple of years back while I was on a dept store, hunting for a good make-up. I was attracted first with the packaging and blown away with the price! I couldn't believe a good make up can be affordable and long lasting at the same time. I remember the first items that I bought -- liquid eyeliner, lipstick and the lip palette. Ever since, E.L.F has been a staple brand in my kikay kit and is always included in my gift list to my girlfriends/aunts/cousins every christmas.

And when I saw that the package consists mostly of items I haven't tried of, I got more ecstatic as I've been wanting to try E.L.F's eye and face products!

The package consisted of
Brushes, eyeliners and eyeshadows
Brightening eye pots in neutral colors
Tone correcting concealer
Liquid eyeliner
Cover stick
And since we have a White Party happening for work that night, I took the opportunity to use some of these products for my make up. And the make-up products I used were:
Maybelline Clear Smooth Aqua Foundation, Prestige Blush on Duo, Avon Shine Attract Lipstick, ELF's Super glossy lipgloss, cover stick, eyepot, eyeliner and eyecolor
and the result:

Tada! Since I was in a rush preparing for our party (they are very much strict on time), I was not able to take step-by-step photos of each make-up item. However, I love how ELF (and other products) make me look pretty and fresh for the party!

Particularly, I loved the (1) Cover Stick cause it minimized my black eyebags and (2) Liquid Eyeliner cause I didn't have a hard time putting it on my lids. Moreover, putting on a thin eyeliner on top of my lid has always been a dilemna, and I am very much happy that with E.L.F's liquid eyeliner, I can now put on eyeliners as thin as I want. And have you noticed my brows? I actually used the eye pot in replacement of a brow pencil. :)

PS: After a night of dancing and party shots, I'm happy to say that my eyeliner and eyecolor did not fade. ELF indeed is a great make-up brand :)

I can't wait to share more about my ELF Experience! Do you guys think I should do more beauty / make-up posts? :)

Much Love,
The Bargain Doll


Haven't tried ELF's liquid eyeliner yet. Must get one soon! :)
Megann Monday said…
I only have one product from ELF, but I'm loving it so far. I have the lip stain :)
Rhea Bue said…
babe!! ang daming makeup!! I like! :D I love E.L.F's eyeliner.. super ganda! :D
and babbbeeee... same tayo! I can't leave the house without makeup. nyahahaha.. :D
thats why we're both pretty :p hahaha! thanks babe!
they have great products :):)
sulit! thanks dear :)
First of all you have to be kidding about ever feeling ugly. Are you kidding me? I too am a makeup junky, GBFand Co offer makeup consulting services so we receive pro discounts on many brand names. I have seen many people talk about E.L.F on youtube. I often wonder where do you buy E.L.F?
Ness Mercader said…
I also love make ups. But I haven't tried E.L.F. Hmm.. thanks for sharing this. Will take note of this! :-)
Faith said…
YEY for ELF! one of my favorites as well <3
love the look hun!very soft and girly :)
Ashley said…
ELF does make some really great products! I have a lot of them myself and you so right you can never beat the prices.
Eunice said…
Most of the ELF products that I've tried are effective and affordable! Thanks for telling that the Cover Stick delivers good results for I'm planning to try it. :)
ruthilicious said…
I know ELF even before the brand arrived in the Phils. It costs around 1 dollar in the US. So I was always contemplating if I should order online. It was timely that I saw the brand in the department store, and got really excited. And hoarded!

I love that eye shadow palette, and also the eye liner :)

Miss you dear! :)
I never tried this brand yet, but always seen at the store. i might give it a try next time i buy for make up
jared's mum said…
i really admire those girls who go out well polished + always camera-ready with a touch of make-up to boot. i cannot really apply make-up even if my life depends on it, so i always end up looking like the disheveled + harassed mom, which i am actually was! ;)

this looks like a very interesting make-up brand + i really love the "barely there" application you did on yourself. very fresh, with just a mild hint of make-up. maybe you should give me a tutorial one of these days! ;)
kweshie said…
makes me want to buy from ELF cosmetics! Love the look Rovie, it's just simple and dainty. :)
claire said…
nice makeup. love the color
Can I just saaaay SOOOBRANG GANDA MO MOMMY!!! Ermigerrrd ♥
Wow! I love ELF! :D Lots of makeup ha?Go lang go!
Mom-Friday said…
Pretty and flawless look! Wish I can do my own make-up.
I've never tried ELF makeup. I always thought it was a low end brand. I am glad to know that it lasted long. It looks good on you!
MrsMartinez said…
I used to own an ELF primer which I love to bits! Too bad I don't think they still continue to sell it today ; (

animetric said…
I used ELF eyebrow products, eye shadows, and eye primer when I went to make-up school last year. My elderly model loved the look I created. I see they're starting to take a more aggressive marketing stance. :)
Lizzie said…
Never tried ELF cosmetics. Hehe. I am not aware of their price range din kasi. :)
Cha Sy said…
Cool! You should post more beauty / make-up posts because you do justice to the make up! You look stunning! Elf's prices are cheap but with a good quality.
Hazel said…
i love elf too!! :) I'm curious with their tone correcting concealer.. okay ba? :)
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