Beauty Post: My "work" Make-up

Hi guys! How have you been doing? Me? I've been very busy with work and I have A LOT of deadlines to submit this week. Anyways since we're talking about work, I'd like to share to you my work make up. I know, I'm not a beauty blogger but a lot of friends are commenting on how I (or my make up) look fresh at work. So here it is, I'm sharing you how (most of the time) my make-up looks at work.
How I prefer to look: Fresh and Girly

I don't usually put on make-up while I'm at the house (I usually do it while driving cause work is a 2 hour drive fro home) but for the sake of blogging, I did my make up while I was still at home.

Although Paolo (the fiance) prefers my no-make-up look, I put on make-up because of 2 things (1) I look so pale without it; and (2) I need to look presentable at work. So I always start with putting on a concealer (ELF's All Over Cover Stick) and blending it with a liquid foundation (Maybelline's Aqua Gel Foundation -- which I use and love!)
Weird, but I always put on blush on prior to putting on eyeshadow. My staple blusher is Prestige Blushing Duo (Blush and Highlighter) that I have been using for a year cause the color blends perfectly on my skin. It is only after I put on the blush on that I whether or not to put on eyeshadow. In this moment, I decided put on a little amount, (ELF's Gold Eyepot plus Brigthening Eye Color in Brown) for a soft and natural look.
Probably one of my best asset is having a long set of lashes (which I did not realize until a lot of people started asking if its fake or extensions). So to make my eyes look bright and happy, I make sure that I curl and apply mascara everyday. In this case, I used Clinique (a gift by Paolo more than year ago) which I love cause they make my lash look long and thick.
I like putting on lip&cheek tint on my lips for a "natural" look. I love putting on lipstick whenever I go out but I guess to achieve a 'hint" of red/ pink on my lips, I usually go for cheek tint. I love bench's prettywhenpinched cause more than being affordable, it has been a reliable beauty partner since I was in college. And because tints usually dry up the lips, I applied ELF's Lipgloss for a glossy and sweet look.  And of course, top my look with a pressed powder (Covergirl) for a smooth finish.
And tada! My sweet, girly everyday work look. The colors might differ because of the lighting condition, but after more than an hour of driving from the house (and retouching my liptint) here's how  it looked:
Simple and really fast, right? Since I'm into sales (always out in the field) I don't put on heavy make up as I don't want that sticky and smudgy look after a day's work. 

And in detail, here are the make-up products I used:
ELF Professional Eyeshadow Brush
ELF Cover Stick 
ELF Brightening Eyecolor (Gold and Brown)
ELF Super Glossy Lip Gloss (with SPF 15!!)
Nichido Kabuki Brush
Cover Girl Creamy Natural Pressed Powder
Bench Prettywhenppinched lip and cheek tint
Prestige Blushing Duo
Maybelline Aqua Gel Foundation
Clinique Mascara, Ever Bilena Lash Curler (not in the photo)

How do you like my post? Should I also start doing make-up reviews?

Share me your thoughts:)

Much Love,
The Bargain Doll


Carizza Chua said…
pretty! you've got a lot of ELF products! hmmm this post convinces me to buy their lip gloss lol
tauyanm said…
indeed you look so fresh dear! nice tips also! your fiancé is very proud of you looking so fresh and pretty everyday for sure! xx
Bella Morcen said…
Wow blemish free!
Daquio Janine said…
yes sis! I want to know some of your make up tips since I am also into people.. i dont want heavy make ups as well as it is difficult to retouch when in the rush of talking to clients. hehe
you look so blemish free rovie, been looking for a nice foundation.
I think 'll try that Maybelline Aqua Gel Foundation :)
Sam Lanuza said…
The blush is lovely :') you really look so fresh. We share the same sentiments, I wear makeup because I look pale and I want to look like a human being for work. haha
I like it because it looks so natural. I'll try this makeup.
Woman Tribune said…
This looks so great, and your skin is amazing. As I looked through your photos, I was wondering where your pores are because it really looks like you have not one pore on your entire face. That is amazing.
Ashley said…
What you put your makeup on while driving!?! Girl that is dangerous, do it at home please :) Your routine is great and the end result is radiant I love it!
Very nice Rovie!!! hahahaha I put my makeup on too while im in the car but most probably not when im driving! haahahha :))) Crazy!!! :D I'm dying to try to Elf lipstains :)
xyzharm said…
So nice! Wanna try this natural look too! :)
hazel guibani said…
you look pretty ate rovie:)

i've been reading your blogs for a year now. (sshhh im a stalker haha. just kiddin) i was inspired after i read your blogs because you wear fab thrifty outfits on, that you're super proud to share and wear!:) im a fangirl! haha:D

anyway, i think you look more pretty when you smile and show your teeth :) cute kasi!;)

actually we have the same dilemma cause i have dental braces too but this time my orthodontist put on continuous rubbers so i look ridiculous when i smile. haha:D but keeping my lips together and smiling with the corners of my mouth seems unnatural for me. (yung feeling na parang ang bulky ng lips/mouth mo when you smile) gaaah T.T just sayin.

i hope i can meet you soooooon! teehee:)


rubenlicera said…
You look beautiful even if without make up,,,
Helpful. :)

SUPER PRETTY NAMAN MOMMY!!! :) Love it when you do "beauty" posts. I learn a looot ♥
theyre nice :) thanks dear!!
aaw thanks :)
thanks babe :)
aaw thanks you appreciate my post :)
its nice girl! :) thanks so much :)
haha i know!! thats why we need to :)
aaw thanks :)
probably im so lucky to have a good skin :)
haha i know its bad sorry :)
haha i do pag slow moving lang naman and i cant naman eyeliner and mascara no :p haha thanks!
aaw thanks :)
i have the same dilemma! i hate smiling with teeth :( lately nalang when its looking better na haha :) anyways you are so sweet. i hope to meet you too. im so happy people read and appreciate my blog :) super thanks :):)
can't access your link :( thanks anyway!!
really babe? naku thank you <3
You are so adorable! I love that lip color, pretty pretty.
Ayzee Casimiro said…
I super love this look! Its so perfect for everyday! Even for college girls ;)
I think this suits you really well because you don't really need much makeup.
I've tried tints before on my lips, but it always ended up drying. Never thought of using a gloss over it. Hahahaha!
Junah Cagang said…
love this post. so envy with your tint :)
Interesting blog, I really enjoyed browsing it :)
Blog: Oh it's Juno
rubenlicera said…
just continue your fassion,,
kweshie said…
Your skin is Flawless! <3 Pretty Rovie! <3
honney said…
wow! i love the foundation that you're using coz it's not cakey. i also envy your facial skin. hindi visible ang pores.:)
larissa said…
O my god.
I love that blush!
Algene said…
I also use Maybelline at times! Mas dependent ako ngayon sa BB cream LOL
Dys Pacete said…
You're so flawless. How do you keep that? :)
Alicia Gibbs said…
You have such beautiful skin
michelle ylaya said…
hhmm.. interesting.. i really like the lip gloss.. it really looks fabulous in u..

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