BIGFISH Innovation White Party

Trance and Techno -- those are the words that first come to my mind everytime I hear about BIGFISH (mainly because I get to listen to it on Magic 89.9). Since I haven't been to any bigfish event, I was very excited when I got an invite to attend the BIGFISH INNOVATION WHITE PARTY last June 23  at World Trade Center.
However, hours prior to the event a presscon was held for bloggers and people from the media for an upclose encounter with the people behind the music: Cosmic Gate, Myon, Shane 54, Bobina and vocals from Emma Hewwit.


And of course, the party started!
It was a great event! Being a first timer, I was bit surprised on how a "trance/techno" party looked/felt like. And it was fun! And of course, the party was a lot more enjoyable cause the fiance was around. And yes, we did have fun :)

Thanks, Sir Jason Tomas for the invite!

I hope you had a "party vibe" reading my posts :)

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Much Love, 


michymichymoo said…
Owww. I think I should listen to radio more. Di ako familiar sa kanila.hahaha! :)

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Carizza Chua said…
oohhh im not into music but this event seems fun! everyone was wearing white but it looks like everyone got wild at the party hahaha
The party looked fun. This is the first time I've heard of them but they must be good to get invited here.
ruthilicious said…
Awww.. You were there pala! I was supposed to go, but had to attend to emergency.. :( I even bought a white dress because I dont want to wear the same dress I wore for one of the white parties I attended. Haha.
Seeing the photos made me miss those days when I used to party like there's no tomorrow, lol. :)
Svetlani said…
Partying in white seems to be fun! update us if the Bigfish will be up on next party!

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Lovelee said…
That party sure looked so fun! I miss those days when I use to party like that. Haha! Sign of the times... Awesome white party!=)
Love the white party, babe!! :) I don't know why but I always get kilig whenever I see you and daddy Paolo together in ganaps! YIII ♥ Love youuu
Rhea Bue said…
woooow.. nice party babe!! :) love it!!! love your outfit too.. you're sooo prettyyy as ever!!! mua! :-*
Ane said…
I've always wanted to go to a BigFish party, but unfortunately I don't live in Manila and whenever I am in town there's no party. :P LOL. I hope one day I will be able to attend a BigFish party too. :P
Hazel said…
looks like a great event. i miss the partying scene!!! tumatanda na yata ako :))
Lizzie said…
Party harder and have fun! :)
Florence said…
Non-stop party while young! I haven't tried this when I'm still single. Glad you did it before tying the knot. :)
trance and techno mostly :) thanks for the visit :)
oh yes they were wild haha! we didn't stay til the end though haha :)
thanks :) its more trance and techno :)
ano ba girlll next time sana magkita tayo <3 ingat love :)
haha i know thats why im making the most out of it :)
cool! thanks :)
hahaha thats why I make the most out of it ;)
haha cause he's a super supportive and chismoso fiance evurrrr :p I wanna bring him to more ganaps pa haha :) thanks babe!!
thanks babe! love it!!
aaaw! go its fun and different :)
haha you can always go back ;)
thanks mother earth :) mwah!!
haha thanks! :)
itin said…
Tony2x is ugly LOL. How I wish BIGFISH comes to Cebu, we got KillerBee here.
ruthilicious said…
Oo nga dear.. Ayan, we both missed the intimate lunch with Direk Joey. Haha

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