Pico de Loro

Finally! Its been a while since I last posted here and its because I was out the past week for our company's business conference. I spent the last three days at the beautiful Pico de Loro where I (together with my workmates) spent a fun-filled, jampacked and strenous business conference. So I'm sharing you some of the photos I captured during my free time.
It was a surprise to see a paradise in Nasugbu, Batangas. Honestly, our three days was not enough to enjoy the beach, the pool and the facilities! Pico De Loro was so huge that we need to take a coaster from the Pico Sands Hotel to the beach and roam around the resort. I am definitely coming back.

Watch out for more posts :)


Algene said…
I love all the shots! Ang ganda ng place noh? Perfect place for de-stressing :)
The view is splendid, and your photos captured them nicely! Will check this out next time my family and I go to Nasugbu. :)
Pico de Loro looks really nice!

Oh and I love the color of your toe nails. :)
Faith said…
WOW! gotta write this one on my list too =)) super ganda!
great pictures hun!
animetric said…
I like the pools at Pico de Loro... ang layo lang, it's like on the very edge of Batangas. :)
yes :) thanks dear
thanks czjai :)
thank youuu
yup more than an hour away pa from tagaytay "_"
wow, breathtaking view! and it is not far form Manila. I love your nail polish by the way
Just wow!! :) I'd love to go here soon. Pilitin ko nga si Joed! Chottt hahaha let's go dito Mommy!! ♥ Heaven on earth!!
Sarah said…
I feel the tranquility of the place. It's beautiful. Hope to be visit this someday.
Omygoosh, This brings back memories, I have went to this place na.. it's really so beautiful. I miss going there... haha, one cons lang is ung part dun sa hotel nila... it's like everything you need to pay for it... almost bawat hinga mo you have to pay, haha. Well, I guess.. the place and everything else will be worth it, haha! My mom ranted so much that time though, lol!

Dys Pacete said…
All I can say is WOW. :) Paradise is all over in the Philippines.

Cha Sy said…
Pico De Loro is beautiful. Is that a man made lake in between the buildings.
ShazGepana said…
ang ganda ng place.. need pa ba sponsor kapag day tour lang?
Ria Hazel said…
This is such a pretty place! Parang Serendra yung structures, but its the beach that makes it more inviting :)
Fred Hawson said…
Very nice pictures! What other activities do they have aside from beach?
Swexie said…
Oh, Batangas is beautiful. I haven't been there and had no intentions to go there. But you changed my mind! I might just go to Batangas, soon!
Franc Ramon said…
Heard a lot about Pico De Loro and is also one of the toughest place to bike so looking forward to visit this place.
nivekzeuqracne said…
The place is like wow! Would definitely be on my places to visit this year! Thanks!
mas pre said…
Nice shots, great views! Will have to plan a visit here soon.
It's a better alternative than the usual Puerto Galera and Boracay. I mus visit Pico de Loro...

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