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Its been a while since I last posted an outfit shot on my blog, and yes I blame my busy schedule at work for not being able to update the blog regularly as I used to. Anyway, this outfit was worn over a couple of weeks ago when I visited a wake. Added a hint of pink as an accent for my outfit.
If you guys have noticed, my top is see through, which bothered my fiance a lot. For years, Paolo never complained about the clothes that I wear and this is actually the first time that he reacted (negatively). It took a while for Paolo to take my outfit shot (after tons of explanation) and told him that photos can be shot in an artistic way.
And I guess he did. I remember how cranky Paolo was prior to taking my photos and was surprised oh how the photos came out. Although I was a bit tampo to him that day, I realized that the fiance was just being overprotective. Which was really sweet.
But he has nothing to worry about cause the whole time, I wore a blazer on top of it. 

Top: Thrifted || Ring and Necklace: Vintage Finds 
Shorts: Random from Edsa Central || Blazer: Grandmom's
Watch: Nine West || Shoes: So FAB

Anyways have to make this really quick! Been busy with work but I have a lot of updates to post :)

Much Love, 
The Bargain Doll

Photos by: Paolo Peralta


love this look on you! really pretty. it must have been the touch of pink that made this whole look stand out :) I missed visiting here.. time to backread other entries.

Kookie Buhain said…
The shorts are cute, rovie! :)
Aisa said…
yiii so pretty naman!
Megann Monday said…
Brother in law talaga :p Heehee. Love you ate! :)

♥ Megann of Style Surgery
Faith said…
love the whole outfit!your top is very cute sis <3
I can understand why your boyfriend gets jealous, very pretty kasi!

Franc Ramon said…
At least, you can carry this type of outfit and I understand why your fiance reacted that way.
Ashley said…
You look lovely! My bf is the same way about certain clothes I wear sometimes it's cute how they can be so protective.
Vipin Raj said…
Wow...amazing from head to toe! the dress!!.Thumbs Rovie looking pretty in black :D

vipin from
Ask Expert
Fab! Love the look from head to toe. That necklace is to die for! --Tamika Dunner
claire said…
Nice outfit, it suits you well. Your boyfriend need not to worry about the see-through blouse.
kweshie said…
Cute ang shorts!! :) and the top, sexxyyy sheer! :)
Kaye T. said…
Aaww....possessive si bf! Really nice top... you should let him know it's the trend right now! (not an excuse I suppose...but nonetheless, I love your outfit. :)
Beverly carvajal-pancho said…
Nice top and I soo love your accessories!
Sam Lanuza said…
I like your top and your shoes. Sheer blouse is really a trend this season. Hope we can still pull it off when the 'ber' months come. ^ _ ^
ShazGepana said…
subtly sexyyy! high five :)
Totally love the prints of the shorts. :) xx

Chrisair said…
I also have a see through blouse and still sitting in my closet, I don't have the courage to wear it, but it was good on you, love it
Hehehehe so cute naman your fiance's reaction hahaha I guess he just wasn't used to you wearing something see through. Lumabas protective instincts niya hehe :D Love how you put things together here, Rovie :)
Blair Villanueva said…
hahaha, i can imagine how guys reacted seeing their lovey dove in see-through dress! They are so- protective and sensitive in that area. Well your shot seems went well and very beautiful!
blair said…
BTW, the worst situation is if a girl wears a see-through dress w/o undies.. Shocking!
I also had problems with pleasing Joed with my sheer outfits, pati sa mga backless dresses/tops. Hahahaha! Kakainis minsan but you're right, like daddy Paolo, he's just being overprotective. Bongga yan! :p Hahaha love you Mommy! GANDA GANDA MO! ♥ Alam na kanino ako nagmana! Chottt :-*
Sumi Go said…
I think it's just normal for our men to react this way.. :) Even my boyf had issues when I decided to wear a sheer top. He told me to wear a tank top underneath which I didn't do. haha.. Ang init na masyado if maraming layers! But I got away by wearing a bandeau (w/c was still an undergarment).. ^^ Anyway, love how classy yet still trendy your outfit looks.. :)
ava said…
cute shorts, rovie!!:) i know the feeling of the boyfie not liking sheer tops haha :)) I have to change!
anncash said…
I love your dress it fits you!
i knoow its irritating and sweet at the same time haha :D
aaw thanks sumi <3
lamoyan baby girl :) haha miss you!
haha i knooow! so witty blair! thanks :)
aaw thanks so much michelle :) i think he's just protective :P
thanks kristine :)
aaaw thanks shaz :)
layering is the answer,probably? :)
thanks! :D
haha thanks :)
thanks kwesh! :)
thanks claire :)
wow thanks :)
thanks ashley :)
thanks :D they're so sweet :)
thanks franc i understand :D
thanks faith <3
lamoyan! haha :P
thanks so much :D:D hhihi!!
thanks so much kookiee!! <3
aaaw so many thanks shugah for visiting <3
Sam Lanuza said…
right, right, right. happy Friday Rovie :)
your dress looks gorgeous.I particularly lie the necklace but the shoes and your nail polish caught my attention too.
Lizzie said…
Good choice of outfit for a specific event.
Cai said…
I love see-through tops as well. You look good as usual!
Nettie said…
Really nice outfit <3
Jennifer said…
Love your sheer top :)

xo Jennifer

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