Staying Fresh: My Swish Experience

In my line of work, I always need to look neat and fresh. Being out in the field, interacting with different people, looking and staying fresh is a good way to gain friends and even impress clients. So I make it a point that I put on make-up and perfume everytime I'm out for work.
However, putting on make-up & perfune is not the only way to look fresh. Another key to stay and look beautiful is to have a fresh breath and beautiful smile. Nothing beats a good smile to impress.
So it was overwhelming when I received a sweet package from Unilab containing products from Swish  & Ph Care. It's like a freshness package -- just what I perfectly need!
Even before receiving the package, I have been using Swish as part of my oral healthcare. I like using Swish because it promises to give fresh breath while being alcohol free. And of course, its also very important for me to keep my breath fresh as I face clients everyday. 
And because I received a number of Swish goodies, I had to try them myself and share it with you.
Yes the green one is a cool foldable cup! Perfect for people on the go like me!

I've tried the Artic Chill flavor -- which for me is a stronger one between the two (I've used the peppermint flavor before cause it was my favorite). Although Swish promised to have a no sting formula, I experienced a little sting when I gargled the product longer than the normal (time of gargling). Nevertheless, Artic Chill definitely gave my breath a fresh kick! I honestly liked how the (mint) taste stayed in my mouth for a long period of time and how my mouth felt so clean after gargling!
But, what's noteworthy about the package is Swish's latest product-- The Breath Spray
Since my work is into Sales and Marketing, I have to make sure that I have fresh breath throughout the day (to make a good impression to clients / friends) However, because of the busy schedule I have, I sometimes tend to forget brushing my teeth. But that problem is solved! Cause with Swish Breath Spray, instant and longer lasting fresh breath is a couple of spray away! And because its very handy, its now easier to have a fresh breath, anytime anywhere!
What I like about it? It has no sting and is alcohol and sugar free (meaning less bacteria accumulation in the mouth). I also love the sweet minty after taste (I love mint candies!). And oh, its so handy that I can bring it anywhere and use it with ease!

And another bonus on the freshness package?
The PH Care feminine wash and wipes! More than having a fresh breath and a fresh look, girl should also has to feel fresh and clean! (You know girls what I'm trying to say ;)) For girls who are always mobile, feminine wipes is so important to keep our area clean and protected especially during bathroom breaks and time of the month. ;)

All in all, I am very much pleased with the freshness package (a term I came up with) as it would not only make me feel fresh, it would also boost my confidence in interacting with friends and work colleagues. Indeed, a fresh breath and a great smile is the best beauy tool to be always pretty.

Hope you guys like my review! Comments are very much welcome :)


Much Love,
The Bargain Doll


Ashley said…
The breath spray is a great idea I love stuff like that for on the go.
Sis? I love your style of writing! But.. shit.. are you getting money from PH Care? If not, then its time!!! You should definitely get some! You are advertising for them! and really well! thumbs up!
Franc Ramon said…
Mouthwash and breath spray are definitely important when you interact with people often and also good for dental health.
I love swish coz it doesnt sting and always use ph care as well good products from unilab. i agree u should get moolah for this lol
Algene said…
I'd love to try the Swish breath spray. I'm using a different one now :p
Mom-Friday said…
We are Swish addicts at home! ;) we don't run out of the Arctic Chill mouthwash :)
Nothing beats mouthwash for instant mouth freshness! :D I think Swish a good brand for that.
Rhea Bue said…
wooow!! cool sis! :) I've been using SWISH before.. pero now I switch to Listerine na :( yun kase prinescribe ng dentist ko.. kase nag blebleed gums ko :( hehehe.. anyway, love the photos! <3
Airra Pingol said…
I'd like to try the breath spray..! it'll be easier to use since im always on-the-go :)
Agree :D Im loving it now very handy :D
aww i hope you're doing ok na :) thanks rhea!
indeed :) thanks!
wow thats great :)
go! its nice :)
agree :) thanks!
well not paid actually :P thanks sis!!!
thanks ashley :)
Daquio Janine said…
wow! nakarelate ako since I'm into dealing with people also where in a flash,, we always need to look and smell good. im gonna use Swish breath spray since i dont wanna bring lots of bottle containers in my bag. itll be heavier. lolz.
Glad to know that Swish has added the breath spray to their line of products! Will look for 'em next time I do the groceries. :)
I personally use Oracare because I don't like the sting when i gargle but I do want to try swish too. :) I use PH Care also hehehe :)
Carizza Chua said…
haha i use ph care wipes too! ive never used swish all my life, i always use listerine but maybe i should try it esp the breath spray :)
animetric said…
I have these also but I've yet to try them! Now curious about the no sting and sugar free properties... :)
I love Swish too :)

Lizzie said…
Ang cool nung spray kasi very handy! :)
perfect combination! I'm a fan user too :D
I like the packaging of Swish's products that splash effect is cool and nice. Haven't tried it tho, maybe I should? :D
Hazel said…
these two should be bathroom essentials :))
rubenlicera said…
Oh I've also try swish it is also good
Nicquee said…
I like the foldable cup! Where can I get one? I don't have swish but I have tons of Ph Care. :D

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