Barbie Bargain Doll

I couldn't think of the right title for this outfit post but the word doll. I know I sound too vain but its actually the first time I extremely dolled myself up for an outfit shot / date. Well, I put on make-up everytime I go out, but this was extra special because
It's my first time to wear falsies! that I bought from SAIZEN 
and Andrea's permalash (from Beauty Bar) as adhesive. 
This one is quite hard to use, for you have to spill a little amount on a foil (or any glossy material), spread on the falsies before applying to the lids. It was a bit messy, and I had adhesive stains on my fingers. 
But what is beauty without the fun, right? So after exerting tremendous efforts of putting on falsies (while Paolo was driving!) here's the outcome:
Longer lashes! But since I'm no expert, my real lashes did not adhere to the falsies, making my eyes look I have 2 lashes (on closer look). But on a different angle, my eyes looked so much better:
Dolled Up
I somehow liked the idea of having longer and thicker lashes (which Paolo disapproves) so expect me in falsies more. But before anything else, let me share with you the rest of the outfit details:
Dress: SM GTW || Shoes: LYN || Necklace: Vintage Finds
The romantic and girly feel of this SM GTW lace dress complimented my eye make-up. I couldn't help but looked and feel girly, sophisticated when I'm on it -- making me think that I should sport more of this kind of style (your thoughts).
How I wish I could look like this everyday :p
 All in all, my falsies experience was fun, painful and tiring!. I can remember how my eyes hurt while I put on the falsies, how my lids had glue stains all over and how I "fixed" with it with a liquid eyeliner. Nevertheless it was a fun first time and I feel like I wanna wear more. Do you agree?

Anyways, for the ladies out there, make sure to head to SM Mall of Asia, this Saturday, Sept 1 10-12PM for the REDHEAD MODEL SEARCH!! 
If you haven't joined the contest yet, here's your chance! Just purchase a minimum of P399.75 for any Redhead items to entitle you a unique code to register. You'll be treated to a FREE make-up session by Maybelline, for a photoshoot and a VTR on the ramp.

So see you there girls! :D
Much Love, 
The Bargain Doll
Photos By Paolo Peralta


kristinebulatao said…
Love the look! :)

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Kero said…
fierce shoes! and a French manicure would just go perfect with it. I haven't tried false lashes -ever and so i don't think i'd do better than you did. good job!
Bella Morcen said…
Why so pretty?
michymichymoo said…
I really like your shoes! ;)
wow! falsies do bring magic four s girls who wanted a sexy lashes! i have tons of them but i rarely used it because I'm always in a hurry and don't really have time putting it! poor me! though i have enough lashes that mascara is actually enough already. i just have them for those important events or dinner with friends! xx
Wow! Love your look. So lady-like. I've tried using false eye lashes too, but I don't do it often. I still have to teach my eyes to get used to it. Haha!
Carizza Chua said…
weeeee love this girly girl loook!!!! more please more!! love that dress from Redhead ;)
Aileen A. said…
I love how the dress really makes you look more feminine--not that you're not feminine already haha <3 love it!
Kaye Awatin said…
You look so beautiful, Rovie!! :)

Kaye Awatin
Queen in Heels said…
A few tips. 1. Use something like the end of your tweezers to apply the glue to the lashes. 2. Avoid putting on eyelashes in the car or moving objects until you have had plenty of practice. Anyway, you did a good job and they look lovely on you.After a few more times of applying them it will be so easy. I like wearing false eyelashes for certain occasions they do make you feel pretty. I love the shoes . . .very cute.
Angie Vianzon said…
I so love your outfit, very feminine and it does compliment your makeup. I have no idea about makeup since I only use blush on and lipsticks on occasions but I like your falsies.

Chriselle Sy said…
Bring along some mascara to make your lashes stick together next time! :D I prefer DUO eyelash glue, cause I can apply it straight from the tube.

My Beauty Blog
Ashley said…
Nice job on the falsies! To get them to blend together better you can curl them with your eyelash curler once you have applied them to the eye and then add some mascara to your natural lashes and the falsies. It will help them stick together better and build them up just a bit more for that extra va va voom look :)
Vera Liane Rea said…
Barbie doll indeed! I loove Saizen for their makeup haul :)) You can practically get everything. Big fan of falsies too but Im still getting a hang of applying them.
Alicia Gibbs said…
So beautiful and your shoes are lovely. Very pretty look. I need to learn how to put on falsies

Faith said…
Your dress! OMO, love it <3
and I also love your make up hun, so pretty!
I don't wear falsies either, only tried once for a review and my boyfriend had to help me!HAHA
RebelSweetHrt said…
The color scheme is so pretty! You're really a doll, Rovie! :)
Sam Lanuza said…
I love your headband :)
nicolepaler said…
How long did it take for you to put your lashes on? haha cause when I tried putting some on it took me almost an hour just to put one on... LOL. oh, and do saizen's fa;sies have free eyelash glue? :) I love the shoes, reminded me of ube queso ice cream... ;)
Rizza Javier said…
I love the lashes, sis. Madali lang bang ikabit yan? I'm thinking of trying one out.
Franc Ramon said…
Ok, you did look like a doll in this post as usual you always pick the right outfit and accessories that make you look good.
ruthilicious said…
You are always dolled up babe! :)
ay thanks beb. miss you :)
haha thanks. no they dont have glue. bought one pa sa beauty bar :)
thanks :)
thank you :)
noted dear:) thanks
thank you :)
thanks for the tips <3
thanks kayeeeee :)
thanksss :)
sige na nga more :P
haha yeah its hard actually :)
thanks :)
just like you :P
thanks :) love the idea!
thanks :) mahirap lang at first pero masasanay ka din :P
Aylin vedad said…
I want to try those lashes, hindi ba mabigat? I like your dress. ^-^
Ay Lin said…
i want to try those lashes, hindi ba mabigat at mahirap ikabit? I like your dress. ^-^
You look great in your falsies and SM GTW dress, Mommy!! :)
Aya said…
You put on falsies while inside a moving car? Great job ah! :) Love that dress on you!
Krisanne Bunyi said…
so girly! ♥
Mary Lovelee said…
I love your whole ensemble. That's it! Love love love! =)
hmmm since im not used on wearing it, nabigatan ako. and i felt like something's blocking my vision pero i guess masasanay din? :)
medyo! pero i think practice (and daya) makes perfect. lagi mali kabit ko, nireretoke ko lang sya haha
thanks baby :)
yes? haha. medyo mahirap lang :)
thanks :)
aaw thanks :)
Justin Buenagua said…
cute dress~!! Finally, find another blogger who loves thrift shops too!! haha.. :D


- Justin -
The World According To Me
Sumi Go said…
Your outfit looks so dolly! :D Anyway, falsies are quite tricky to put on the first few times. But i'm sure, when you do it more often, it'd be easier na.. ^^
wonderwoman45 said…
Mukha ka ngang Barbie :) As for the lashes, curl mo lang before sticking the falsies :)

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