Belle de Jour Rendezvous: In Charge and In Control

It was definitely a feast when I was treated by Yehey for lunch at Outback Steakhouse Glorietta a couple of Saturdays ago (after the Jewelmer event). It was cheat day for us bloggers as we enjoyed the hefty serving of pasta, steak, chicken and everything delicious!
Afterwards, we headed to SM Makati to attend the Belle de Jour Rendevouz: In Charge and In Control event. This event definitely taught us ladies things like powerdressing, style tips and even gave motivational talks.
We arrived with Ms. Kat Dy talking about Corporate Essentials and taught us how to mix and match outfits (from day to night affairs) and how to pick the perfect pair of shoes! See how many girls actively participated on the games!
And yey! I won Etude House goodies from the raffle!! :D
Ms Balois from SURF talked about proper washing of clothes. I appreciated this talk as I learned how to wash "colored" clothes and how to properly read the labels on the clothes. (Something I need to learn a year from now! You know why! Haha)
And probably my most favorite part of the event -- the motivational talk given by PJ Lanot! I enjoyed how he delivered his tips on becoming successful with a super high energy! More than inspiring, his talk was definitely unforgettable.
And of course, I was honored to be seatmates with Mich (micheatsandshops) and Ms Dorothy Wong of SM GTW! :) I will never forget her advice when I shared her how people (from my work area) look down on me. She's really sweet and very caring! :)
With Carizza!!

It was a fun event! Had to leave early though cause I have a fiance duty that day. :)
Thanks a lot YEHEY for the invite :)
Have  a great Saturday guys!
Much Love,
The Bargain Doll


So pretty you all! Congrats on winning the raffle! :)
Honney said…
Glad you all had fun at the event. Ginutom ako dun sa food. Hehe.

Nicole Paler said…
wow... that looks like a fun event! :) dinner time na tapos nakita ko pa tong post na to, now I'm really hungry! :) congrats on winning some etude house stuffs! :)

I've always been a fan of BDJ :)
Btw, the food looks delicious!

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Hazel said…
Nice seeing you Rovie!!! :)
Sam Lanuza said…
I met you here Rovie dear <3
jo-ann said…
Wow, what a cool event. I hope I could have one. :-)
yes sam we did <3 weee see you soon uli!
me too!!! <3
already placed an inquiry love!! :)
hehe kagutom diba!! :)
i know right :)
thanks!! :)
michymichymoo said…
I haven't tried Outback! I should soon. Awesome event! :) Daming goodies! :)
You wre superduper lucky! hahaha You had THE SECRET working for you when you won The Etude House goodies. Hahahaha Glad that i was able to make you feel better ;) Til next time, Rovie!!! :D
Etude goodies!! :D So lucky naman ng mommy ko! Haha sana pati yan pamana mo saken! :) :) Love you! Your outfit during this event's probably one of my favorites! ♥
Sam Lanuza said…
can't wait... :)
Arra said…
Lucky etude goodies!
Lovelee said…
Haters will always be haters. They're just insecure people. You go for the gold always, sis! =) Also, I wonder what Etude goodies you got =)

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