Color Blast

Last Friday, I attended the Dimensione / MAGIS event at High Street and here's what I wore on the event. I have been into girly dresses lately and I wanted to style this beautiful SM GTW Dress from BETTY by adding on colorful pieces to make it pop and stand out.
I first started with putting on this very attractive, hot pink blazer from REDHEAD SM GTW. It was such a stunner that it makes my outfit stand out! 
Then I added cute accessories such as this necklace from Vintage Finds
And this Yellow & Green neon necklace bought from Bloggers United 2.
And garnished it with this colorblocking pumps from Primadonna which was definitely a headturner!
I love how colored pieces makes a white dress stand out. It actually transformed my dress from sweet to striking. Would you agree? 

Here's a photo of my outfit sans the jacket. The dress is really flattering, right?


Let me know your thoughts. :)

Gotta sleep now guys! Just got home from a wonderful vacation in Subic (which I'll blog about and more soon!)

Much Love,
The Bargain Doll

PS: Thanks baby girl Jacky Moraleda for taking my outfit photos!


yaniconquistadora said…
Pink blazer to match a pink pretty necklace plus a pink-sole high heel shoes equals girly look!
super inggit with your pink blazer dear, haha
you look cute and polished with that look :)
Kristine Bulatao said…
Girly look. Love it!

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Kero said…
the dress is pretty! i'f I wear it, I'll remove the necklace and the bracelet. wear it alone with nude heels and clutch bag. If I must wear jacket, I'll go for cream tweed..the dress needs to stand out because it's just pretty
Rizza Javier said…
Super like the play of colors in your outfit!!
April Hollie said…
really love this ensemble! it's colorful but still elegant. ^_^
MrsMartinez said…
Love the shoes!

Gorgeous! Stunning!!! ♥
Those pumps are really a showstopper. Pretty pretty! :)
sigrid said…
<3 especially the shoes and necklace! :D perfect! :D
Daquio Janine said…
OMFG! I like your shoes. :)
jared's mum said…
wow! i love how you put pizzazz onto this rather plain looking dress by putting all those lovely colors! ^_^
Joy said…
love the different shades of pink on your outfit that make the white dress pop out a little more! :)
Sumi Go said…
I super love your shoes! They really make your outfit pop more. Anyway, I haven't worn anything colorful lately. I guess I'm in the basic colors phase.. haha.. But, I won't say no to those colorful pumps! ;)
michymichymoo said…
I love your shoes and your pink blazer! ;)
Arra said…
Love the colors you combined! SM GTW really has the best dresses!
anonymous said…
You are the most baduy blogger. And also can you not change your smirks into smile? And you timid posture into an elegant one????
Shari said…
Wow beautiful outfit. Love the blazer and shoes! :)

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