Interpretations of the Wonder Puppy: Dimensione x Secret Fresh x Magis

It;s actually my first time to be invited on a furniture / lifestyle event and it was more memorable cause it was held in a high end furniture shop named DIMENSIONE. I was always intimidated whenever I see Dimensione because they sell high end furniture (that I believe I cannot afford haha) and imagine my thrill when I entered its branch in Bonifacio High Street..
 It was like a playground! There were so many cute items at the 2nd floor, which actually features cute, functional, accent and high end plastic furniture by an Italian brand, Magis.
And bloggers were actually invited to feature another MAGIS wonderful creation, which is the WONDER PUPPY
Super cute right? :) I really love the Gold (limited) edition wonder puppy! So if your eyes fell in love in this piece, you can buy it at the High Street Branch.
In partnership with Secret Fresh, Wonder Puppy collaborated with 8 Filipino contemporary artists to make their own interpretations of the Wonder Puppy.
But before I go to the details, let me share with you the things that happened while we waited for the event to start:
I was in High Street with Jacky, and met up with Angel, Hezron, Jacob, Raiza and Verge and we all went to Dimensione right before the event.
Great. Spectacular food and drinks welcomed all of us. This chicharon is to die for!!!
Jacky, Angel, April and I
With Paxie, Arnie, Ana
Hello Paul the PR Guy!
Verge and Paxie being cute and Korean! hihi
Arnie and I colorblocking!
 Jacky, Angel and I
And the event officially started with the gorgeous Patty Laurel as the host
Spotted: Mr. Ben Chan
Bloggers being Bloggers
And the 8 Collections Unveiled:
Nemo Aguila's Ponkan
Whoop's Creation: Tattoo (Sorry for the overexposed photo!)
Mimi Tecson's Rally (cute action figures!)
Farley Del Rosario's The Green Guardian
Wesley Valenzuela's Sta Cruz (my personal favorite!)
Electrolychee: Upong Otso Singkwenta Lamang
Tripp 63's The Anti Monochrome Puppy
Jagnus Design Studio's Stray

Creative and amazing works, right? So go and check the Wonder Puppy collection at Dimensione Now!
Dimensione Unit 901 Quadrant 5 Block 6 Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Metro Manila, Taguig, Metro Manila 
TEL NO: (632) 8566756
FAX NO: (632) 8566755

Much Love, TBD


Sam Lanuza said…
Just one of those can make your house very lively. :)
Carizza Chua said…
oh cooollll!!!! i like the last puppy!!! but it looks expensive waahh :s see you soon rovie!!!
yaniconquistadora said…
Amazing indeed! I enjoyed each and every shot :)
AlexisGrace said…
Awww--- the event looks like it was a good time and the furniture is so quirky and fun! Definitely pieces that will get you to do a double take!
fifi leigh said…
it looks like fun decor for a modern room or playroom or even a den.
kristinebulatao said…
All of them looked so cute! :)

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Rizza Javier said…
Super fun photos! Looks like a very successful event!
Donald Pagulong said…
cool share and seems a great fun event.
Always great seeing you Mommy! We're both wearing SM GTW!!! Reprezzzent! Haha love you! ♥
Bella Morcen said…
Dapat andiyan ako eh kaso I had a shoot. :(
Tess Chancellor said…
cool, the puppy collection are uniquely designed. And you all had fun together
Arra said…
Very cute stuff!
Pepper Tan said…
So that's what the Wonder Puppy looks like :). I'm not all for the elaborate ones, though. I prefer the simple versions. Still, they're all wonderful artwork :)
Hi Rovie. Can I grab some of the photos? Thanks in advance! :)
exlinkevents said…
I have steel colored chairs from Dimensione and they are lovely. Again, perception wise the shop items look expensive but they are not.

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