Its FUNTACULAR with Nestle Crunch!

Last Saturday, I was invited by Nuffnang PH to witness the launch of Nestle Crunch at Cravings, Shangrila.
The BTS video of the photo shoot on how to eat your crunch  was revealed
Shot by Nicolo Cosme, Nestle Crunch Revealed the 10 ways to eat the Nestle Crunch!
Tada! The bloggers and how they eat the Nestle Crunch Ice cream!
Oh Hi The Catcher Krissy!
Seatmate Tin Iglesias is part of the shoot and she's a
Toss N Flip It!
Love na Love ko ang posing ni Bite Meister Sarah!! 
Who's with her super kaduper cute daugther Nikolai!
Starstruck lang ako kay Helga!!
And it was a pleasure meeting these bloggers (in person), Rowena, Kira, Helga and Krissy! (Super sorry for my puffy-eyed face, nagmoment lang the night before haha!)
Yay group shot!!

And there are tons of ways you can eat CRUNCH because they made sure that enjoying ice cream is now made more FUNTACULAR! :)
 The Genius innovation of Nestle Ice Cream, Neste Crunch has TRIPLE CHOCOLATE GOODNESS!! I Tell you, because:

It has a CRISPY CRUNCH outer shell
Creamy chocolate Ice cream
And a surprise chocolate filling!!!

So whether you'd be a catcher,  pious monk, crunch connoiseur or a no-lick kind of ice cream eater, you'd definitely have a funtacular moment with NESTLE CRUNCH!!

I had a funtacular one, I swear! (it was so good I could probably finish more. It's like the classic crunch, made better! :))
And oh, its only around P30!! Which is better news!

For more info, check Nestle Ice Cream's facebook page:

Much Love,TBD


Carizza Chua said…
you should have one too! so this is what tin was talking about weeks ago haha. congrats to all bloggers for crunch!
AlexisGrace said…
Uhoh.... now I am craving one of these!!!!!! My poor sweet tooth!!!!
Faith said…
looks like a great and fun event!im so jelly <3
now I am craving for one!it looks so good..
great pictures hun!
animetric said…
Nice meeting you at last! :D
MrsMartinez said…
I have to check this out!

Flight of Fancy Girl said…
Such nice fun photos you have here!
Rizza Javier said…
Super fun! I layk!! Todo! Sana may mga ganitong affairs din dito for bloggers like me.
RebelSweetHrt said…
Natuwa naman ako kasi the moms brought their kids along. Parang ako lang, haha! :)
papaleng said…
I agree with Rizza, sana may ganitong events din para sa members ng Blog Syndicate. Seems you have a fun day.
Franc Ramon said…
I love nestle crunch and I love ice creams therefore I like Nestle Crunch Ice Cream, Funtacular, isn;t it?
I've always loved Nestle Crunch! ♥ Very bongga ng taste plus affordable pa. Sayaaang I missed this :( You guys look super good!! >:D<
Ashley said…
That looks so good! I'm a total ice cream junkie I could eat it till I burst bars like this type are my faves.
Sarah Tirona said…
your photos turned out so nice! you need to teach me how to shoot :P
ruthilicious said…
Sarah! Love the spunk and style! =)

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