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Finally! It felt so nice to be back home. How I missed seeing my bed, my laptop and even the entire house after being away for more than a week! And now I'm back, it only means one thing -- I'm back to blogging! Yee! For the longest time, I've been wanting to write about the events I attended the saturday before I got sick (from Dengue). Without further ado, let me share with you one of the finest and most interesting talk I've attended so far -- the Jewelmer Pearl Talk.
I never appreciated pearls until I had the chance to visit Palawan earlier this year and mingle with people who are fond of collecting pearls. Since I did not have enough money that time, I only listened to pearl-fanatics as they explained the importance and value of pearls -- how it symbolizes purity, elegance and sophistication.
So when I had the opportunity to a pearl talk hosted by the country's top jewelry maker, Jewelmer, I couldn't help but get very excited. Acquiring more knowledge on pearls is something I couldn't miss!
Jewelmer harvests, creates and cultures its pearls in the waters of Palawan --- where the pearls are harvestesd in harmony with man and nature. Given the outmost care, Jewelmer's Palawan south sea pearls exudes an excellent luster that lasts a lifetime.
Moreover, only Jewelmer is the only pearl producer in the world that has succesfully produced pearls with a natural, rich color. And moreover, Jewelmer crafts its pearls in Filipino passion with European design, making the jewelry the finest of its kind. Moreover Jewelmer gives its customers a Certificate of Authenticity to guarantee that the pearls are natural and not chemically treated.
Wonder how Jewelmer cultures it pearls? Oysters are placed in baskets like this and are submerged in the water to protect from predators. It takes more than 2-3 years before the oysters are being grafted.
A gold lipped Pinctada maxima oyster (produces warm-colored pearls) are the ones harvested and grafted. Grafting is inserting a nucleus in an oyster's gonad and the defense mechanism results to producing pearls. A couple of years after, the pearl will be produced from a lucky matured oyster.
Black-lipped Pinctada Margaritefera Oyster (found in Tahiti and French Polynesia) produces Black pearls
Amazing, isn't it?

Jewelmer pearls may be pricey, but I believe its a good investment that can be passed on to generations. Investing in South Sea lustrous pearls is definitely worth it. How it differs from those in Greenhills?
Those are freshwater pearls that are easily produced and can be colored. South sea pearls are the rare ones.

lakas makarich :)

And thanks to these ladies who made the event a lot fun :)
Hope you liked my post! May you all have a great weekend ahead!

Much Love, TBD


Accessories is really a woman's best friend. :)

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The pearls look super nice on you! That ring is such a favorite of mine :) I want Jewelmer stud earrings and a strand to start with. :3 BTW, I'll be checking out your lipstick at Rob soon!!! :D
Julie Lan said…
I always love the look of pearl necklaces, so chic!
wow! those pearls looks awesome! i wanted to have at least one of them that i can se myself very elegant looking haha plus the girls with you in the event is fun! xx
Adlyanna Velasco said…
They have such classy displays and those pearls really do look good on you. :)
Angela Lustre said…
Someone told me that when you touch a pearl with your bare hands, it will lose its luster. Do you know if it's true?
Meredith Govea said…
Gorgeous jewelry!! I love that flower ring!
Franc Ramon said…
Pearl is an excellent accessories for women. It can help you highlight a part of your body. Like a pearl on the neck would add more focus on the face of a person.
Tess Chancellor said…
ang ganda, pearl is one of my collections .i love diffrent colors and styles of pearl jewelry
Ashley said…
Those are oh so pretty I would also say a very good investment.
Kai Sensei said…
Ahhh oo nga noh, I forgot that pearls can also be a good investment. Those were absolutely beautiful and elegant. Bongga ang ring.. yun lang ang masasabi ko. hehe.
Jessica Abraham said…
Like jewelry :)

Jess xxx
Gabrielle said…
Arnie said…
So sad I missed this event!! Haha di nag-fit yung schedule because of my shoot :'( Missed you Mommy!! You're so pretty and mayaman!! HAHA! Good to know you're back!
mukha lang babe i miss you :)
bonggang bongga talaga haha :D
wow :) thanks tess
definitely :) thanks franc :)
no not really :) when its exposed lang and not kept properly :)
thanks so much julie :)
true :) thanks :)
haha and i hope theyll be more affordable :) ang mahal kasi haha
Daayur said…
Beautiful accessories
ruthilicious said…
I would have love to attend this event! I love, love pearls!
HauteFrugalista said…
Rovie!! you looked so pretty! pearls really suit you! they give a classic girly look that def looks good on you! love the lip color you chose! it goes perfect with your skin tone and the rest of the outfit!

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