Katy Perry: Why You Would Love to Watch Part of Me

I love Katy Perry. Aside from her wonderful music and super great looks, her charisma brings so much fun and happiness. I love how she puts on a lot of creativity in her music, fashion and even videos. Cotton candies, fireworks, pink, blue Katy Perry brings her fans to dream land! More than that, she makes you feel young, vibrant in her music! And I love those things about her.

So when I got an invite to witness Katy Perry's Part of Me 3D VIP screening (!!) in Gateway Cineplex I leaped for Joy! I felt so honored and proud to be one the first few to witness Katy Perry's film. I felt like a little kid who's going to Disneyland. Haha!
But before the movie started, me and my blogger friends posed ala "Katy Perry"on the cute set-up at the cinema entrance at the Gateway Cineplex
Don't you just love the set-up?
Ria and I on our best Katy Perry pose! 
You make me feel like I'm living a teenage dream
Watched the screening with Hazel, Ria, and Helen
The best Katy Perry dressed girl for the night!
The crowd!

I actually thought that its a fun and feel good movie that will make me feel happy after watching, but not. It's heartwarming, inspiring and even heartbreaking. Its my first time to watch a "celebrity biography" movie and I am so impressed. Part of Me tells a lot about Katy Perry's childhood, struggles in the music industry, dreams and even lovelife. I'm so impressed on how dedicated she is with her work and how she worked hard for her dreams. And yes, the movie proved that she is not an overnight success. It showed how she was rejected a lot of times, got broke but never gave up. I love how she believed in herself and worked hard to be the "Katy Perry" that she is now.

Ans what's more heartbreaking is how the movie showed her love and break-up with Russel Brand. I admire her for pushing through with her California Dreams tour despite the divorce. Its hard to imagine how she worked her marriage despite being on tour for year, be miles apart and end up in a divorce. You can see in the film how she manages to gather herself up and perform for her fans.

I love Katy Perry, And I loved her more after watching this film. I now understand why she was a couple of hours late when she had her concert here in Manila. :)

I love you Katy Perry. You're such an inspiration :)

Thanks so much Gateway Cineplex, Ms Katherine Estaquio for the invites! it was an awesome expeirience. I am surely watching more films in Cineplex as its one of the most comfy moviehouse I've been :)

Much Love,
The Bargain Doll


It's great that you were able to attend a VIP screening of this movie, since you're obviously a huge Katy Perry fan. That set up at the entrance of the theater looks wild, fun, and everything that the image of Katy Perry is all about. I haven't been interested in seeing this movie at all. I'm not really a huge Katy Perry fan. I have enjoyed a few of her songs, but I wouldn't call myself a fan and didn't think I'd really be interested in seeing a movie about her. However, I watched the trailer you posted and I think I would give it a shot just because it focuses a lot on where she came from and how she struggled to become who she is today, which is the story I'm interested in hearing about.
Robi Marapao said…
Good for you to have witnessed the gleam of inspiration in Katy. One good thing I like about her, aside from her songs is that, she's a decent girl.
Ashley said…
I haven't seen this yet but I've really been wanting to. I think shes a really interesting person and anyone who loves cotton candy as much as I do is a friend of mine lol
RebelSweetHrt said…
The event looks so fun! My cousin would have loved this, she's a huge KP fan, too. :)
genny said…
I am not a Katy Perry fan but she is great one. ...
Malou Espanol said…
I love her too. I remember her doing some charity work when she first came here.
Sweet! the setup looks so fun. Wasn't able to go as usual mommydutyfrst. I love Katy too but I don't think I wanna watch the movie. I love your makeup :) always flawless you are :)
MrsMartinez said…
Looks like you girls really had fun!

Waaaaaa!!!!! I'm a katycat ♥ THIS POST OF YOURS IS MY FAVORITE EVER!!!!! ♥♥
michymichymoo said…
One of the highlights of this year is the Katy Perry Concert. Good thing I didn't miss it. I'll surely watch this movie. :)
Patricia Tan said…
yaaay cute! Looks like you had fun! ♥ This is Patricia Tan, your lookbook friend! Visit me back at www.lalalapatricia.info :3
Florence LM said…
Oh I love Katy Perry! Before my national anthem for a month was "Thinking Of you" haha! She's a living Barbie Doll!
So sad I missed this, mommy!! Super super cute mo with the ala-Katy Perry pose!! Haha I love Katy Perry sooo much ♥ Pati ikaw syempre! >:D<
kristinebulatao said…
Will definitely see it soon. :)

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Sumi Go said…
I missed the Katy Perry concert earlier this year, but I won't miss this biography film.. :D I may not be the biggest Katy Perry fan, but I love her!

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