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Hi guys! I just came from the Globe Tattoo's Media Pad event at Opus and is actually about to sleep. But as I try to decrease having blog backlogs, I decided to post this outfit I wore last Saturday when Pao and I went to Subic for the long weekend. I wanted to keep it feminine and simple, hence the mixi (again) of colorful pieces to at least make the outfit stand out.
Color blocking (for me) is the easiest way to make an outfit stand out. I'm sure for those who have worn any colorful outfit -- neon, hot pink, etc, people actually notices you. And in this case, I let the colors speak for my outfit. Since I was on a road trip, I did not bother to wear accessories.
And despite the absence of accesories, I love how this Redhead SM GTW colorblocking skirt made my outfit so girly and stylish. It really goes well with this purple dress (used as a top) which belonged to Divine Lee before scoring for P100 at the recent Bloggers United (Talk about a great find!)
Also, I couldn't help but color my eyes the same shade as my outfit. I used ELF's Cool Color palette and combined the colors blue green, sky blue and pink. Finished it with Avon's Extra Lasting Eyeliner and Super Shock Volume Mascara (Would you like a tutorial / review on this?)
You wanna know another great find? This pair of purple heel-less sandals from LYN!! I was at Robinson's Place Manila a couple of weeks back and I saw "that" outletof Charles & Keith / LYN / La Senza (and a lot more sister brands) that sell clothes and shoes for 70% off!! :D And because I couldn't resist sales, I bought this pair for only P699 (from P2,500+) :D And you know that feeling when you score a great find! Haha!
But wanna know the truth? I changed to this red Rubi flats when Pao and I went to Harbor Point Subic cause its more comfortable -- although I have to admit that I always feel insecure whenever I wear flats cause I think it emphasizes how big my legs are. Haha! But nevertheless, I cannot deny the fact that its a more comfortable choice especially when you're in a mall.

PS: I love this photo which Pao took infront of a carousel in a mall. Makes me feel like a child.:)

Thats all for now folks! Gotta go to sleep now :)
Much Love,
The Bargain Doll


Ria Hazel said…
Loving the shoes! Hey! Let's sleep na! Katy Perry na tonight! :D
Roxanne Limpante said…
super like your skirt plus it is from Divine Lee pa. bonnga!
Aya said…
Great deal talaga sa shoes ah :D
kristinebulatao said…
Simple but eye catchy! :)

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Arra said…
Cute shoes and skirt!
Lovely photos as always!!! :) Coincidence ba na sabay tayo nag-post with SM GTW skirt?? OMG Haha like mommy like baby!! :p I love youuu!!
oh, the skirt... super cute talaga!

It’s a GIRL
Cute color blocking. Fun colors always makes for a fab outfit!

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