Long Lost and Forgotten

Since I got discharged from the hospital, I wasn't able to go home in our house in Malabon. Although we attempted to go home last Monday, the heavy rains and flood did not permit us, so we (my mom, lola and I) decided to stay here at my fiance's house in QC. Earlier this morning, we also attempted to go home but failed. We were already near Bayan ng Malabon when we learned that we have to walk to an ankle deep flood just to ride a jeep going home. Since my lola is concerned with my health, she decided that I comeback here in Paolo's house and continue my bed rest here. (Although my lola and cousin pushed through and went home.
Posted on Instagram. I was good and ready to go earlier! I miss home so much!!

And since I am stuck here at Paolo's house, I went over his files so as to see if there are stuff that I can blog about. My laptop, SLR and memory stick are left at home so I couldn't blog about the Jewelmer & Belle de Jour event I attended a couple of Saturdays ago. So here I am, infront of Paolo's desktop, thinking what to write about.
Luckily, I was able to find long lost outfit shots taken a year ago. I am posting them here so you can see how I normally dress up at work (and some casual affairs) and why I did not bother posting it on my blog before AND HOW I GAINED WEIGHT IN A SPAN OF 6 MONTHS!!

Random Days at the Mall: 
Top: Randomly bought in Greenhills || Skirt: Mapleberry
Heels: Figliarina || Blazer: Gift
Earrings: Bubbles
Top: Random || Skirt: Thrifted || Belt: CLN
Shoes: Shoe Gallery || Denim Blazer: Thrifted
Top & Blazer: Thrifted || Leggings: Random || Bag: XOXO

Casual Looks at Work:
Dress used as a top: MYOWNTHRIFTSHOP || Shoes: Thrifted NINE WEST Pumps
Skirt & Blazer: Randomly bought at a Bazaar || Bag: Cousin's
Top: Paolo's Mom || Skirt: SM Details (bought 4 years ago)
Shoes: Random (Native store at Laguna) || Necklace: DIY
Top: Thrifted || Skirt: Banana Republic Overrun
Shoes: Charles and Keith || Turban: Sarah Tirona
Jumpsuit: Thrifted || Polo Top: Anne Klein Overrun 
Bag: Longchamp

Seeing the photos made me realize how much weight I gained since last year. I apologize for the ugly skin too. (Lol!!) And if you're wondering why I did not publish the photos on my blog, its either I forgot about it or I found the photos / outfit not good enough to be posted (or am I just underestimating myself?)

Your thoughts will be appreciated :)

Much Love,
The Bargain Doll
Photos by Paolo Peralta

PS: I can't wait to go home and blog about a lot of things I captured / attended / photographed the weekend before getting sick. I wish I can go home na tomorrow!


Awesome outfits girl! You do have a knack for fashion! Keep it up! And I guess even if you have gained a little weight, you would still look fab, maybe even a lot sexier. ;)
Courtnee said…
Hey Rovie, you're looking pretty fierce in that ball cap if you ask me! I'm glad you're out and feeling better :)
Trish C. Lopez said…
I admire your fashion sense! I want to learn how to put outfits together and be a fashionista mom! :) There really is no place like home so I do hope you can go home, rest and do your blog posts. xoxo! :)
Sorry you are having such a challenging time. You look great! I love those silver shoes I almost purchased a pair at Marshalls. Get better fast!
well how are you?
Nicole P. said…
Wow you should ot under estimate yourself rovie, cause all your outfits that you possted rock! :) how are you now? :)
Mitch Carvalho said…
I love how you project! Get better soon!
Faith said…
Love all the outfits you put together! Fits you very well :) feel better <3
Rhea Bue said…
wow wow wow babe! :D love the looks! :D I'm so glad you're feeling much better now!!! <3 <3 <3 I miss you :D will see you soon! ;)
Sam Lanuza said…
I love you in skirts :)

Get well soon Rovie dear...
If you gained weight it's not very obvious. I like all the outfits especially number 3.
thanks dear :)
thanks sam :)
see you! ang bilis mo lang pala here sa manila no? hope to see you soon talaga :)
thanks faith :)
thanks mitch :)
thank you dear :)
trish im not yet a mom hihi :)
im doing great :) thanks!!
aaw thanks jennifer :)
Rhea Bue said…
uu nga sis ee :( tapos ang malas ko pa.. tag ulan nung pag punta ko jan :( at nung pag alis ko naman, tsaka pa umaraw :((
Carizza Chua said…
hey you're back! love that silver shoes! thanks for dropping by my blog :)

Cai said…
Cute as always! Ano bang weight gain sinasabi mo..you're so payat kaya! #Iheytchu mwah!
Pepper Tan said…
I hope you're ok now. Have the floods subsided in your area?
I like the black polka-dotted top and skirt ensemble with the gray cardigan. That's something I could wear to work.
You can wear anything and still look gorgeous, that's what I think :)
Ang cute nung 'Top: Paolo's Mom' :D
Hope things get better out there so you can finally go home
Florence LM said…
Not sure if my first comment went through. Anyways, I mentioned that the 4th and 5th outfits look good on you. Hope you feel better now. :)
girl.spot said…
Awww so pretty dear! I love it how you turn thrifted items to elegant ones! :> Two thumbs up for that :> Hope you can hop on my blog :P

Joey Arevalo
gabrielle said…
I love ur blog...im following u now on Google Connect and bloglovin..

Hope to c u on my blog too.
michymichymoo said…
You actually look good so don't worry about the weight gain nor the skin. ;)
Arnie said…
yay thanks :)
haha hindi kaya nagchubby na ako ngayon :P lol
thanks so much :):) yes its better now :)
haha. yes i steal her clothes actually :) thanks czjai :)
thanks florence :) yes im feeling better :)
thanks joey! :D
thanks gabrielle :)
thanks michy!!
wee thanks arnie love!:)
Kai Grafia said…
So many nice outfits! :) Love it sweetie!
i always adore your office style, i like the skirt on photo no.1 and no.2, so cute!

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