Powder Pink Lips

A lot of people thought that I was sporting MAC's Pink Noveau (in person or in Instagram posts) but to their surprise, I wasn't. I was actually wearing LA Colors!
I never thought I could actually find the perfect pink lipstick (that I was looking for) and will only cost me P99! I can still remember how I roamed around Robinson's Galleria one friday, looking for an affordable pink lipstick (cause my I finished my favorite Ever Bilena Off Beat Pink) until a saleslady told me that L.A. COLORS lippies are only P99! Try agad naman ako agad! 

And because it was such a good bargain find, I decided to share it to you guys. Forgive this is one of my first few attempts to do a make-up review, so please bear with my post. :)
What I like about this lipstick is despite of its very affordable price, the quality is actually very good. I was a bit surprised on how smooth the lipstick was when I glided it on my lips. My lips usually crack on lipsticks and I was surprised that this brand was actually very moist!
Without flash
With flash
Another thing that I liked about this lipstick is its actually long lasting! I remember putting on the lippies around 4PM and after eating dinner at 7PM, I noticed that my lips are still pink! Couldn't believe that an affordable brand could actually stay that long :)
All in all, I personally loved LA COLORS cause (1) the price is very affordable (2) the lipstick is moist and long lasting (3) the lippies smell good! I don't know if its just me but the lipstick smelled like shea butter to me. (Which I think is really good). But one thing I did not like about it is the packaging -- I know you'll agree with me that it did not look expensive or posh but hey, as long as it gives good lip color, its manageable!

What do you think of the color? Good or bad?

Your thoughts will be appreciated :) Good night guys!

Much Love,
The Bargain Doll

Photos by Paolo Peralta


Nicole Paler said…
wow, that color is scandalous! I'm now lemming on some LA Colors for myself :)
Love it! Ganda ng effect sayo maputi ka kasi! BUt really LA colors got some nice makeup in their collection and what's great about them is they are cheap in a good way esp for the pocket!
rejille patanao said…
WAAA, ate rovie, nag try din ako nean, ever since na inlove na ako jan, kelan lang nung nasa MOA me, dami ko snapshots using that lippie, i sooo love it kasi eh haha, super affordable pa, same tayo, i will soon make a review din nean :) I also tried maybelline, ung fushcia fever ata un, try mo din, different shade din ng pink :))

wild and fierce
MrsMartinez said…
I am crazy over pink! I will definitely check this out ; )

Sai Sayson said…
Love the color!
Rhea Bue said…
woah! no kidding babe?? 99 lng to?? niiiice :D love it!! :D prang
MAC Pink Noveau nga talaga siya! bongga! <3 ma try ko nga toh. hihihihihi :D

P.S. thank you for your comment on my blog babe <3 :)
Sam Lanuza said…
is the regular price really Php99 or you got it on sale? I will check this out :)
kero said…
fierce pink! bravo that you can dare to wear such. I wear a MAC red lippy once and my husband protested lol!
nice one, my favorite pink lipstick that i used everyday is from etude house, i was about to blog that too, but have no time pa. i posted about my perfect pink lipstick last year, it's from san san, but now im inlove to my new pink lipstick. and, ill try that LA Colors, too!

It’s a GIRL
badudets said…
Wow, this is cheaper than Nyx pa, and a pink nouveu dupe.
Donald Pagulong said…
pink goes with an exotic looks. You carry it too well.
HauteFrugalista said…
love!!! def a great choice and amazing that it does everything some expensive lipsticks dont even do!! frugal and fab! def my choice! :) the color looks great on you! really compliments your tone and hair!
Ashley said…
I love the color and the price is even better! Look lovely on you and I would say it could very well be a MAC dupe.
Yza Acuña said…
Where can I get LA Color lippies? Are they available in Robinson's Dep Store?
Super love this color on you, as you already know!!! Bibili na talaga ako. This week na!!! hahahahaha :D Thanks for introducing this to me :D
Following suit! I hope it's available here, though.
P99 is definitely a steal. :)
Rizza Javier said…
pink kung pink sis!! luv it!
Lau arasdesuelo said…
I likeee your lipstick!!it´s a great bargain! I´ll come back to your blog =)
Sumi Go said…
Love this lip color, and it looks so nice on you! :) I have some products from LA Colors and they're really good as well.. ^^
MissGennD said…
I've been sporting that shade for quite sometime now as well. I love it's consistency and smell. Looks good on you hun~ =)
Florence LM said…
The shade looks good on you. I wonder does it last longer din ba? Will try it too! :)
AlexisGrace said…
That is such a fun color--- not your typical look! And at that price you, you did a great job!
- Alexis Grace of North On Harper
Pepper Tan said…
I love the color. Looks good on you. I was never one to be bold to wear pink lipstick :)
Lovely <3

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Carizza Chua said…
in fairness, love that shade on you :)
same! :) what matters to me is its affordability and at the same time the quality. I love the shade as well. it's perfect for simple or even in a special event and it looks good to you too.
imriz said…
me, too. i am crazy over pink lippies. and i wouldn't if its 99pesos only. my ever favorite pink lippie is number5 color from hbc. its easy to apply as well. try that one out too next time. the color complements ur pretty aura.

Meredith Govea said…
I love that shade! I may have to go buy that myself! It's the perfect combination of pink and pastel pink! It looks great on you.
Adlyanna Velasco said…
That is the perfect pink shade and it looks so good on you. :)

Gondo forever!! ♥ Always elegant-looking ng mommy ko!
Chica Fashion said…
Very nice pigmentation.
korki said…
nice :)
Grysh Co said…
I got a powder pink lipstick too. I find it hard to pull it off though. :)

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