Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head

Finally an outfit post! Pao and I went to Subic one long weekend ago  and I wasn't able to post some outfits I wore due to the events I attended / blogged the past days. So here's what I wore when we went to Subic Tree Top Adventure
It was actually raining storming in Subic but Paolo insisted that we should push through with the adventure. So here being the blogger that I am, I still posed in the rain just for the sake of an outfit shot. Haha! Can you see the raindrops on my shirt?
Since we will be trekking, riding on canopy and all sorts of activities, I dressed down in sweaters and booties for some comfort.
And added this All Native Single Earring from MARIS --
which definitely gave an outfit an edge!
Shorts and Top: THRIFTED
Shoes: Mom's
And it won't stop raining! PS: Pao's actually inside the car while taking this so in short, madaya sya! Haha

We did not bring the camera, we only used my Ipod to take photos, which apparently I accidentaly synced to 2011 files and all my 2012 photos were gone. So no Treetop photos / videos (and an angry bf! haha) but saved one that I posted in Instagram! (Thank heavens for instagram haha)
It was fun! I'd definitely go back for the superman ride (cause I wasn't allowed due to my surgery last 2011) and more! 

Hope you like my look guys! I wanna hear your thoughts! :)

Much Love
The Bargain Doll

Photos by Paolo Peralta


Lourdes Espanol said…
I don't think I can pull off those earrings. Hahaha...
Thrifted shorts and top?? GANDA SOBRA!! Doesn't look like it's thrifted on you. Very mayaman pa rin! Hahaha I love you Mommy! Sweet niyo forever ni daddy Pao!
"Raindrops falling from your hair.... " (a song from the 50's) you are pretty pretty!
Florence LM said…
It's nice that you can still pull out a fashionista pose despite the rain! :)

gabby said…
nice look!

Hope we can follow each other.

shopgirljen said…
loveeeet, rovie! always ready to pose ka talaga rain or shine! :))
Jennifer said…
Sometimes we bloggers have to work in tough conditions ;)
Cute top!

xo Jennifer

Pr├ęcindy Colas said…
look amazing and love your shorts :)
You have a lovely blog :)I
would appreciate it if you could take the time to visit my little blog at
RonLeyba said…
Cool! nice photos and outfit you have here. Great!
kweshie said…
Love the boots and the feather earring :) Hope you had a good time! :)
Ashley said…
That is dedication shooting in the rain! Looks like a fun little adventure. Sorry about your Ipod I hate it when that happens.
Nea Reyes-Ramos said…
Weeee Rovie you're inspiring me to dress up lagi sa office. Chos. Love your blog.
Nea Reyes-Ramos said…
And for your wedding planning, I've a secret blog where I pseudo-planned mine http://nay-yea.blogspot.com/
pretty! kahit umalan carry! Love love :)
animetric said…
Fashionable pa din even while zip-lining! :)
MrsMartinez said…
I like the earrings!

Sai Sayson said…
Love your earrings! Fierce!

- From http://www.fashionbysai.com
Girl! Napaka-fierce lang ng earrings mo! Buti at di mo sinuot when you were doing the superman ride! hahahaaha baka sumabit somewhere! :D Love your top and shorts! Ang saya talaga sa ukay ukay :D
Dhadha G. {Maldita.us} said…
I so love your earrings sis! :)
Rizza Javier said…
It's good that your photographer, at least is not damped by the drizzle. hihihi... I like the earrings, btw.
Lilpink said…
love the earrings. and oh, that top. i love it so much. <3
you're so pretty too.
kristinebulatao said…
<3 the top!

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Claudine Claire Chua said…
Ganda mo sa photos! Love the details of your top! Love your shoes, too <3
Nice outfit for an exciting adventure! I love the native single earring and the shoes!
papaleng said…
Cool get-up. I love your projection.
Tess Chancellor said…
nice outfit and the feather earring is an eye catcher.
Kai Grafia said…
the earrings totally caught my eye! Nice shoes too :))))
Honney said…
As always, nice outfit! Looks like you had lots of fun! Sayang nga lang yung mga pictures. :)uper

Honney said…
As always, nice outfit! Looks like you had lots of fun! Sayang nga lang yung mga pictures. :)uper

Honney said…
As always, nice outfit! Looks like you had lots of fun! Sayang nga lang yung mga pictures. :)uper

haha! try on plain outfits bagay sya :)
lamoyan lagi aurang mayaman kahit hindi. lol :P miss you babeeeyyyy :D
i think haha thanks a lot blair :)
thanks :D
thanks :)
lamoyan! ready to mrt din kahit nakashort skirt. hhaha hope to see you mother jen :)
thanks :D
thanks <3
i did! thanks love:)
i know and its so sad :|
wee thanks dear!! hehe kinilig naman ako :D
hihi thanks rowena :D
thanks :D
yay thanks :D
or baka mapagkamalan akong ibon? hahaha miss you mich!
thanks :D
haha yes! thanks rizza:D
thanks lilpink :)
thanks :)
thank you :)
thanks tess!
aaw thanks kai!:)
thanks :) sayang nga :(
Beautyme said…
Where do you go for thrifted items? :)

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