Subic Long Weekend Photodiary

Happy Saturday guys! The past couple of days has been eventful and I have a lot to share to you. But before I share that, I wanna post my Subic getaway with Paolo the past long weekend. 
Pao and I left Saturday and stayed at Subic Grand Seas. It was the perfect place I wanted -- beachfront, has a pool, cozy, comfortable sheets and free breakfast! And the price is actually very affordable. (Less than P2500/day)
Since we arrived a bit late, we decided to eat at one of the best restaurants in Subic-- Meat Plus Cafe
Tenderloin Steak, Medium Well
Beef Salpicao (His)
Funny how we spent the Long weekend in Subic watching Bourne Legacy & Expendables 2 haha! Maulan kasi!
Favorite part of the day: BREAKFAST!
Giant Taco and Yummy Pizza at a Carinderia in Zambales:  Vives Pizza (That cost us P400!! Mahal na Carinderia! haha)
And of course ending the trip with the best Ribs in town, Texas Joe. We're telling you, its the best!!

And Im sorry if I starved you guys with so many food photos cause basically, thats what we did in Subic--eat! Haha!Well we also did the Tree Top Adventure but because I did not bring the camera and I accidentally removed the photos in my iPod, we didn't have photos. :( Anyways Making this post quick. Stay tuned for a lot of event posts the coming days / minutes. Especially my Katy Perry Part of Me post.

Have a fruitful long weekend!
Much Love, TBD


Coleen said…
Hello Rovie :)

Post outfits with this headband soon! You look really3 pretty :)

the food! nakakagutom naman haha
those wacky photos looks really cute ;)
nicolepaler said…
kakagutom! :( I want them ribs, steak and salpicao! My favorite comfort foods! kakagutom! :)
Unknown said…
looks fun! glad you enjoyed your short vacation to the max! haha love the last pic! <3

papaleng said…
I agree, pics pa lang ulam na.. Nice post.
CrescentFire said…
It's funny how I've never been to Subic! :( You guys looked like you had an awesome time :)
CrescentFire said…
It's funny (saaaad) how I've never been to Subic :( You guys looked like you had an awesome time!
Looks like y'all had fun! Great photos and yes, they are making me hungry! :)
michymichymoo said…
We were in Subic the same weekend to do some groceries...chocolates and all. :)
Love you and Daddy Pao!!! Pati ako na-relax looking at these photos! ♥
Sharina said…
Aw kagutom the photos! :')
Payat mo youre so sexy gurl!
kristinebulatao said…
This blog post makes me hungry. Haha.

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A M said…
Gosh, how i miss the Philippines and Subic now.. kakatuwa ^^
Franc Ramon said…
I love Texas Joe's in Subic. It's the best ribs in town. Subic Grand Seas is really affordable.
fifileigh said…
looks like a fun place by the beach and with a pool. relaxing place for a good summer vacation.

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