Thankful & Happy

Its been a week since I last posted here in my blog. I know a lot of you know that I was confined in St. Lukes Global City for a week due to dengue. Fortunately, I'm discharged na and is on my way to fully recover. I would like to thanks everyone and all my friends who visited / and sent their well wishes. Let me share with you some photos my friends took while I was confined.

But of course would like to thank Paolo, my fiance for being there for the whole duration of my confinement and of course my mom and my lola :)

Again, thanks for your prayers and well wishes. Can't wait to update and blog again!

Ps: i pray that the flood and rain subsides. I am stranded here at paolo's house as i write and the flood outside is chest deep. :( 


Kat Valdez said…
Glad you're ok now mommy!!! >:D<
michymichymoo said…
Glad you're okay now. :)
Nicole Paler said…
atleast ok ka na po ngayun... stays safe! :)
Bella Morcen said…
Awww sis pagaling ka! :(
Megann Monday said…
Awww. I feel bad about not being able to visit. I didn't know sina Angel went pala :( But anyway, I'm glad you're much better now and I'm hoping for total recovery for you. Also praying that the rain calms down and the waters subside. See you again! Love ya, sister!

♥ Megann of Style Surgery
JC Mercado said…
up and gorgeously running na ulet. your readers miss you! palakas po..

Wonder Woman said…
I love that you didn't let your sickness get you down! :) Still pretty kahit nung sa hospital! :) Wish I could've gone back or stayed longer. Ang bobo ko lang kasi talaga :(
haha its okay gel :) im happy you were there lamoyan may "drama" effect sya sa akin :) haha see you soon :)
aaaw super thanks jc :)
its okay :) see you kapatid :):) miss you!
thanks bella love <3
thanks nicole :)
thank you :)
thanks baby <3
i hope ur feeling alot better and will pray for ur health along with the weather situation :)
Anonymous said…
omg! Rovie! ive been so hectic that I didnt knkw about this!! Im so happy youre well now and that you are back to blogging. I wanted to post here and let you know im very happy youve recovered and are ok! :)

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