UPM Bioalumni Forum: How BS Biology Helped Me

Back when I was in college, our department, Biology celebrates Bioweek. I remember back when I was in college, Bio Week was something me and the whole batch is looking forward to! Activities such as Bioquiz, Bioalumni forum, Logo making contest, Biocinema and Biogyugan were held to hone Bio student's talents and skills and even guide them on their path. And I still feel that excitement, everytime I remember especially the culminating activity, Biogyugan where all year levels compete and showcase their talents. 

And now, 4 years after graduating, couldn't believe that I'll be participating in the Bioweek not as a student, but as a resource speaker.
I was invited by the Department to talk for the Bio Alumni Forum, an activity which aims to guide Bio Students on their possible career options after graduation. I felt a bit humbled and shy as I was invited along with doctors, researchers and a teacher to talk infront of Biology students.
I was intimidated at first for I was the only person who is in a non-science related career in the group. I remember telling a former professor before the event started that I was a bit nervous cause I was just a medrep. However he assured me that there was nothing wrong with my job and I was invited to talk and inspire the group. So I gathered myself and started with the program.
Funny how the program started with the game Pinoy Henyo and I was the first person to be in the hot seat. 
And gosh! It was very hard! Funny hindi ko sya nahulaan! I couldn't remember CHARLES DARWIN! Haha
Then we talked about how our course, Biology helped us on our present careers now and even gave some good memories about our College days.  We were asked to give a message to the students.
 I know that my work is more into Sales and Marketing (than Biology) but I wouldn't regret that I took up Biology back in college. I can still remember the hardships I've been through, failing that Math 17 course when I was in first year and having to be delayed in a lot of subjects. I remember my friends, blockamtes and even professors who had been there for me. I remember how I strive to pass my Chemistry subjects and having to dissect frogs, cats and cockroaches while eating my lunch. I remember how I tried so hard juggling schoolwork, extracurricular activities, org events and even lovelife (haha) and how I enjoyed multitasking so much. I also had a fun thesis - where my partner, Fati and I had to go to Lahar; survey and identify the plants thriving in the area despite the storm and the flood. It was a fun experience -- and I owe a lot of what I am now with all those experiences. 
Its more fun in Biology.

And if given the choice to follow my dream, I could have taken up medicine and probably now I'm an intern along with my blockmates. However, it was not the path for me. Then my family was facing a financial problem where I had no choice but to look for a job -- a job that can provide to my family's needs. I had to give up on my dream but focused on another goal -- my family. I couldn't afford chasing after a dream and let my family suffer from hunger, so I looked for a work that would enable me to provide -- that is the pharmaceutical industry. Luckily being a BS Bio UPM graduate landed me on a job with a great company, which is UNILAB. Though I'm not a doctor, I am still able to interact and help patients by providing them healthcare solutions through medicines. Now, I am driven. My dream has changed -- which is to give my family a comfortable life. I learned to be flexible and strong -- and that's how Bio helped me.
And as I grow older, I learned more things about myself, and discovered interests I never thought I had. And as what I said in the forum, we should also learn to recognize other talents that have, just like what happened t me when I started to put up this blog and inspire people through my bargain stories.
And I'm really thankful that I was able to share this to young students and I hope I was able to inspire them, even though I'm in a different field.
To the Dept. of Biology, especially to Ms. Janine Dayao, Thanks for the opportunity :)

And thank you Ms Joy dela Victoria for letting me use and grab the photos :)

Much Love, TBD


I like this post. A young girl full of hopes and dreams for her family. You look much much more beautiful in my eyes now. I hope you still get your dream of being a doctor someday.
Franc Ramon said…
You look different here and it's good that you are able to share back to younger students.
Emi Ly said…
i am glad you agreed to share your story, you opened to younger students more options to life, and the way you took your path is very inspiring.
Anonymous said…
So prou of you cousin! :)
Rhea Bue said…
wow.. this is so nice babe :) Bio ka pala. niiiiceee <3 I know bio is a hard course o__O and medicine is a nice choice too! :)

P.S. love your outfit there. mua! :-*
inspiring! ♥
I'm so proud of you, Mommy!! :) Bongga naman ng talk mo. ♥ Would love to hear your stories! Kwentuhan ulit soon haaa. Good job!
Coleen said…
Very inspiring miss rovie :)
Ashley said…
You are such a total package girl! Love this post your very positive and inspiring :)
animetric said…
I agree, very inspiring!
Aileen A. said…
Oh my god that is so cool! Heck, I can't handle science courses but you go girl! :D
Resource speaker ka na ngayon, Rovie! I'm sure you were able to show the students that there's fun and glamour in Biology. hehehehe :D I think that there's nothing wrong with being a med rep. You have everything to be proud of because you're good at your job! ;)
I have quite a few BS Bio friends who went on to become med reps after graduating, too.
And now that you've mentioned Math 17... goodness! Ako nga Math 11 at Math 14 pa lang eh suko na ako, bwahaha! At yang Bio 1 na yan, kasumpasumpa ang frog dissecting exercise! Takot ako sa palaka!!!
Nice to know na pareho pala tayong Iska. Batang eLBi naman ako. ;)
Florence LM said…
Stand proud with your profession. After all, you are at your best may it be in career and fashion. Thumbs up sis!
yaniconquistadora said…
They must be grateful to have you :) Congrats!
Pepper Tan said…
Where you are is where you're supposed to be :). You are touching lives and inspiring others through your blog, and that is a noble profession. The fact that they invited you to be a resource speaker means something, right? They look up to you and believe that you can make a positive influence on undergrads.

Oh, Math17 and Math 100! How can we forget TCWAG :). I think I took it twice, as I barely showed up for class. The "tambay culture" was simply so tempting, wasn't it? :)

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