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Hello guys! Finally a decent blog post after my week long hiatus due to dengue. Well, I couldn't actually say that its decent as I am stuck here at Paolo's house (together with my mom and lola) and I don't have my DSLR with me (meaning can't post the event photos I took a couple of weeks ago. So I'm posting some work related event that happened when I last went to Pico de Loro for our company business conference a month ago. But before I go on, let me share with you the situation here at Paolo's house yesterday (Upon discharge, I wasn't able to go home cause of the floods in Malabon)

Chest-deep flood outside Paolo's house in Parkway Village, QC

I hope eveyrone's safe. I still worry about the situation of our house in Malabon, as my lolo and other relatives there and are staying. As for me and my folks, we have no choice but to spend our night here (again).

Anyhoo, for a different news light, let me share with you what I wore on our white party at Pico de Loro Batangas.
Shoes: RUBI, Necklace: Vintage Finds

I tend to dress down (not my normal blogger self, haha!) whenever when I'm in a work-related event so as to avoid being looked at laughed at. So for our white party, I decided to wear (my favorite) UNIQLO bra top and a mullet skirt for some style. And here are some photos of our white part.

So fun to look at the photos. I hope some of these made you smile despite the gloomy day!

I'm still stuck here at Paolo's house. We can't go home as there is still flood in front of their house and going home is not passable :(

Praying for everyone's safety!

Much Love, TBD
Thanks John for my outfit/look shots
and Belle and Francis for the photos


Nice white dress....Hope you have a great time at Pico de Loro. And I hope that your family is safe.
Beauty and fashion tips said…
:(, we here in mindanao are praying for the rain to finally stop there in Luzon as it has damaged a lot of properties already leaving a lot of Filipinos homeless. At least you are your family are safe and are still able to sleep comfortably.

Love your skirt and necklace! they are fab! :)

Beauty Tips and Fashion
Chrisair said…
glad you are now free from dengue
Bella Morcen said…
You look refreshing? Okay ka na talaga? <3
Nicole Paler said…
I hope that you and your family stay safe... :) And the look you posted is evoking a classic elegance.. love it! :)
aaw thanks nicole :)
yup still recovering :)
thanks :)
thank you :)
thanks :)
Franc Ramon said…
The rains have been falling nonstop. I hope the flood in your area has already subside. You look simple yet classy in your white top and skirt.
Glad to hear you recovered from dengue and have a safe place to stay in while it's heavily flooded almost everywhere in Metro Manila. As always pretty as ever :)
Ria Hazel said…
Small world! My bf's from Parkway din. Sa Madelane St. and until now, di kami nagkikita, :( Be safe Rovie :)
Michael Macalos said…
chic as always! :)

Michael Macalos
those wacky pictures looks fun! i love your head shots Rovie
keep safe dear ;)

Kai Sensei said…
oh I love the outfitey... you always look wonderful! pero.. "looked at..laughed at" ka? I feel the pain. I get weird looks at work if i happen to change from my "teacher uniform" to my "blogger attire" .. they just don't get it. :P anyway.. my favorite photo has got to be that pose on the door.. parang straight out of a telenovela! Anyway, glad to hear you are over your dengue bout and that you are ok! Hope that you will always be in good health! God Bless!
Glad to see you back! Stay safe, and don't get sick anymore. ;)
Ashley said…
Those floods look scary hope everyone is safe. Also glad your feeling better!

The outfit is awesome you really know how to rock a high low skirt :)
Kai Grafia said…
Nice photos and even awesome wacky pictures!! :) It's a good thing that you have recuperated now :) The flood looks really scary :(
Lilpink said…
love your wedges. simple yet elegant.
i hope for everyone's safety. grabe, nakakatakot ang flood. it brings back memories abt Sendong in Iligan. T_T i dont even wanna remember.
Sam Lanuza said…
I hope you are okay now Rovie dear. Hoping for the flood to subside. :)
mel lee said…
Waaah the flood is..... grrrr.. I was lucky that there wasn't any flood in the area i live in but then i feel sad to those who really experienced it. The rain just ruined my event.. lol

I love the look!~ so pretty.. especially the wedges..

Honney Marie Natividad said…
Mas grabe pala sa inyo, chest-deep! Glad you're recovered na from dengue. Stay safe & dry!

Cai said…
I'm glad your ok now Rovie!
Love the outfit, sweet and simple. Just wondering though, why would your co-workers laugh at you? hello, ang pretty mo kaya!
MrsMartinez said…
Nice bra top! I have the same skirt as yours... nice!

Henry said…
So cute, nice photos and camera ^_^
Florence LM said…
White looks good on you. Great shots!
Jo-Ann Ramirez said…
Wow, you look alive and happy. Congrats! http://www.uarticles.info
Arnie said…
Favorite ko yung mga wacky shots mo mommy hahahaha epic! Still so pretty! ♥
Holly (Woman Tribune) said…
I love what you wore to your company's white party; very nice. Also, your hair is gorgeous! It looks so great in these pictures. So sorry to hear about the floods. They look scary and potentially devastating, and I really hope everyone is safe!
Grysh Co said…
I love Uniqlo's bratop. Just posted a Lookbook photo of it as well. :)
Anonymous said…
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