2 Lippies in 1: LA Colors Pink Parfait + Avon Shine Attract Passionate Red

My blog is initially intended to share you guys my ukay clothes and how I wear them as stylish as I can. But probably because of my fondness to make up, I also decided to post some (bargain) beauty finds. And lately I've been very addicted to lipsticks! (obvious ba??) Haha! I remember Anagon calling me the lipstick girl haha. But because I'm still a super kuripot girl, my reviews / beauty posts are limited to brands that are suited for my very humble paygrade.
I love pink lips. But more than that, I love combining lip colors (I'm sure you do that too!) And for this particular lip color I wore during the Naturalizer event  I combined my 2 favorite (and staple) lipsticks, my Pink Parfait LA Colors Lipsticks (Which I posted about here) and Avon's Shine Attract in Passionate Red
LA Colors (Pink Parfait) + Avon Shine Attract (Passionate Red)
But before I go on, let me show to you guys first how the Passionate Red looks on my lips
Shine Attract Passionate Red -- with Flash. I LOVE it cause more than having a glossy finish, it actually tastes good and it keeps my lips moisturized. However, I'm having a hard time applying it to my lips because the color comes only from the middle part and the color wont fill my lips in just one application. So I cannot do the no-mirror trick in this lipstick.
Anyways, so when out of curiousity, I combined the two lip shades, it just gave a wonderful result. A very beautiful and sweet pink shade.
without flash
With Flash
I just love how the shade made me look so feminine! And more than that, its long lasting (cause LA Colors lasts!!) and its really moist :) This has been my favorite shade (and I wont mind combining colors as long as I use and finish the lipsticks I have collected (and been collecting))

So leaving you all guys with a good night kiss. (I know this is so vain, I'm so sorry!)
I'm sure you combine lip colors too! Its fun right?

Much Love
The Bargain Doll


Ashley said…
Love that red on you what a great color! I like layering my lipstick too so much fun creating colors you love even more than the originals.
mommygiay said…
That was a real sexy kiss :) t'was a great layering of color that you did. I think I wanna be as experimental as you are.
NinMonster said…
I love layering my lippies too! Sneaky way of having "more lippie colors" and actually using them up. I'm a lippie hoarder kasi. :))
Anonymous said…
I do too! Revlon and Mac. :)
Franc Ramon said…
This could give you a variation from a simple look to a sophisticated look.
Unknown said…
Each color on its own is pretty, but the end result combining the colors is gorgeous. You look great as always

Twitter: @yourgotogal
jolly said…
wow.. i don't really wear makeup so i didn't know you can combine lisptick colors. lol.
Ness Mercader said…
The pink lippie looks good on you. I love the pink ones too.
Aileen A. said…
You look lovely! I especially love the red one though! :D For my lips naman, it looks better in light shades so sometimes hindi talaga bagay sakin yung red ones :( Boo-hoo
Nicole Paler said…
your lips look so kissable, perfect for a date look :) although, I think that your eyeshadow can do with a little more blending rovie... but I really like your look :)
Ayzee Casimiro said…
Love the turnout! It made Pink Parfait look warmer :)
M VB said…
That is a pretty shade of pink :)
hahahaha ng cute mo Rovie!!! mwah! love you!!! Bought that color din for my giveaway haha
Sam Lanuza said…
every time I visit LA Colors counter I cannot find the lippies you featured. Sad lang. O.o I have Shine Attract in Fuchsia Fever. :)
Mtr Guanlao said…
I haven't tried combining lipsticks as I don't have many lipsticks,lol! But I do have two here,will try to combine it,hope it'll come up nice too,hehe!
Rizza Javier said…
I like the shade. I miss those days when I was kikay enough to paint my face.
Ang ganda mo mommy!!! :) Really love your skin. ♥ Aaand very very cute ng last photo. Kiss!!!
kristinebulatao said…
I love the color! <3

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marta said…
Lovely photos, your blog is amazing!

Pretty Ugly said…
Very pretty. And your skin is gorgeousssss! The pink suits you pretty well. :)

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