A Neon Affair

You remember the Candy Fair I attended a couple of Saturdays ago with fellow bloggers? Well, here's the most neonized outfit I came up for the event. Quite honestly, I don't have much neon-colored outfits, until I remember this hot pink, thrifted top (which I used as a cape) I wore last fashion week. I didn't have time to buy for new clothes (or enough budget, haha) so I worked with what I had. I honestly don't have an idea what to wear that day, but like magic i was able to come up with an outfit like this.
I didn't know it'll look good but after seeing the photos taken by my love Bella Morcen, it seemed really nice!

Top and Skirt: Thrifted || Necklace: Hailey by Five
Neon Spikey Bangles: Mapleberry Boutique || Shoes: Folded and Hung

And because Kevin and Bella take awesome pictures, we cannot help but have fun while Arnie, Rhea, Mich, Bella and I were taking outfit shots outside the Megatent at eastwood. Here's an example
Mich, Arnie, Bella, Rhea and I. Sex and The City peg lang!
Trying to be as Perky as I can. Okay fail!

Grabbed this from Bella. I rarely smile on photos but I like this shot. :) Again super many thanks to Bella Morcen for taking my outfit photos. She's the best, I swear :)

Making this post really quick! I need to prepare for the Schu, Nail It and a friend's party! Hope you can drop some comments here :)

Much Love,
The Bargain Doll


Love the colors! :)

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Ashley K said…
You pull off neon like a pro!
Grabe talaga. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS OUTFITEYYY ♥ Gulat talaga ako thrifted sila, bat ganun di ako lucky sa ganyang finds. :( Haha you're so pretty Mommy! Love your smile on the last photo. Oh show your teeth na rin okay!! Ganda kaya!

Arnie Villanueva
Unknown said…
Toldya! Ganda ganda lalo pag naka smile! <3
KT Villanueva said…
i love the dress .

following your blog through gfc dear .
Definitely love the colors!!!
Unknown said…
Great group shots!
zhanna said…
Beautiful pictures...cute outfit.

Oh, I like your group photo! The colors are adorable! :)
Mrs. Kolca said…
Nice belt you have, matches the skirt. I love Arnie's dress too!
BlogGirl said…
omg! I love neon colors! you all look so pretty wearing them! :>
Kero said…
like the last group photo. what is that on your neck? i think I saw that before on your previous post at an evening affair
I like the Sex & The City peg!

Kai Grafia said…
the outfit is lovely dear! Perfect for the event talaga! I have the same neon spike bangles that you're wearing!
CrescentFire said…
You girls are lovely! From all of you it's only Mich that I've met, haha :) I don't think I am as fashionable as you guys though... tho I wish I can get to have the courage to wear neon soon :))
Czjai said…
Same here! I love the Sex and the City photo, too! :)

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