Araneta Center's Dress Me Up Event. (Help me win, please?)

Last Saturday, I along with other 9 fashion bloggers were invited for the Araneta Center's Dress Me Up: A Fashion Bloggers Event. Consisted of 5 pairs, I was partnered with Ria Lumandog to style Bb Pilipinas winners and male models for 2 pegs for corporate and casual look.

And here's the final product for our 1 day styling stint. Do you guys like it? Cause I'd be asking a little help from you.

If you can please help me and my friend Ria win? Cause it will really mean a lot to us.I'll give you 2 reasons:

1. Its my first time to try styling for a celebrity / model and first time to be part of this kind of competition.

2. There's actually a cash prize involved and I tell you it will really help me a lot! For those who did not know, I'm getting married next year and I plan to use the prize to pay for a wedding supplier -- a coordinator in particular. Haha! I know its too small but for a normal wage earner like me, an extra help will be very meaningful.

Guys I don't have anything to give you in return, and all I ask is a little help. If you like how we styled it, can you like it, please?

All you need to do is:
2. Like our photo here.
Thanks a lot :)

BTS and event photos to follow soon :) 

Much Love, 

The Bargain Doll


Nicole P. said…
just liked! goodluck! :)
Florence said…
Good luck dear, voted for you! Can't wait to see your wedding photos :)
Unknown said…
I just did. :) good luck!
Franc Ramon said…
Voted on your entry and good luck on the competition.
Maria Teresa said…
Did what you requested. Good luck! I hope you win!
Unknown said…
i just liked it! hope you guys win. cheers to that.. yeaaah!
jo-ann said…
Great job, keep the good work.
CrescentFire said…
Wow rovie, this is so cool! Wishing you guys to win! :D Good luck!
Anonymous said…
Hey,wish u a very good luck to win:)
Anonymous said…
Hey wish u a very good luck to win
Czjai said…
Good luck, dear!
I voted, too. :)
Kai Grafia said…
God bless on the competition Dear! :) Will like now:)
liked your entry, good luck! :>
Good luck dear! Hope you win!

Faith said…
Oh my, im happy for you girls!
Keep it up. Good luck <3
Dhadha said…
Voted for your entry. Good luck Rovie! :)

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