Be Part of Moonleaf's 2012 Planner!

"Every day is a fresh start, a fresh new brew. Every morning, inside a
Moonleaf shop, tea leaves are brewed to perfection specially for your
favorite milk tea drinks. For some of you, Moonleaf is where things
start for the day.

Or maybe you're craving for a sweet drink before cozying up in your
bed? Get that sweet fix from your favorite Moonleaf milk tea creation.
You can even invite friends to come over for a quick night cap.

We're brewing something new soon, and we want you to be a part of it.
Here's how...

Send MOONLEAF photos of your early morning and late night Moonleaf trips
through INSTAGRAM (@moonleafteashop), FACEBOOK (/moonleafteashop),
TWITTER (@moonleafteashop) and TUMBLR (#moonleaf) and use
#moonleaffirstcall #moonleaflastcall for a chance to be part of
2013 Moonleaf Planner!

You can post your entries until September 23. Post your
#moonleaffirstcall #moonleaflastcall photos now! :)"

Much Love
The Bargain Doll


Will do! Yaaay! Thank you :)

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