From Bad to Good: Maroon 5 frustration to Coral Crush

I'm depressed. Overly depressed. A couple of days ago I received a good news that I'd be able to watch Maroon 5 live in Manila. I tell you, I love them. Listening to their songs (especially those in the Songs about Jane Album) walks me down to memory lane and reminds me a lot of our road trips and memories of young Paolo and Rovie together. Must Get Out and Sunday Morning were our feel good songs whenever we drive back then and the album was always on repeat. They were a staple choice of music. So I was ecstatic to watch them perform live. I said to myself that I could miss Lady Gaga but not this. Even Paolo was so envious when he learned that I will be watching. I wanted to watch it with him (its our dream) but since he is not around, I had to watch it with a friend, one of his closest friend. And the day that I was waiting for came. We all thought we have tickets but to our surprise there were none. After hours (3, to be exact) of waiting (even after stressing out from the traffic going there, the high heels I was wearing), the dream of watching them perform was gone. It was unfortunate. Time was wasted but, a lesson was learned: to buy tickets online / personally or wherever legitimate to avoid things like this.
Nagdoodle nalang ako coz I'm so heartbroken.

However, rather than focusing on something bad, I'd rather divert it to something positive. So I'm posting a beauty post on my blog (to at least cheer myself up). It was probably over a month ago when I hoarded beauty products during the Vintage Vanity event at Robinson's Galleria Department Store but its only now that I'm able to write something about it. I made sure that this lipstick shade from Maybelline was included in my shopping cart.


I have a number of lipsticks already but I realized that I still don't own a coral shade. And imagine when thw quality, affordable Maybelline was at 20% off, shopping couldn't get any better! I couldn't miss the chance to buy a great find like this.
Without flash
With flash
 I still wasn't able to take a photo of myself wearing this shade but I tell you, when I tried it on myself, I got very excited. Not only that it made me look sweet but it also complimented my skin color. I'm so excited to wear this lippies to work more often. How about you? What do you think about this shade?

Anyhoo I cannot look on my twitter timeline cause they are filled with Maroon 5 tweets. Kabitter. Haha

 Cheer me up with your comments, please?

Much Love
The Bargain Doll


Anagon said…
Hay :( Still not over what happened kanina sis! But this too shall pass, mwah!
Ria Hazel said…
Don't worry, mapapalitan naman saw ng something greater. Sana David Guetta nalang! Or J.Lo! :)
yeah cheer up dear! i was like that and grumpy the whole week when I knew that lady gaga and taylor swifts concert is sold out here in singapore! hahaha its crazy but anyways, totally love the coral lippy. I don't own one as well! xx
animetric said…
I normally don't like coral but this looks kind of nice. Sorry to hear about your not being able to watch Maroon 5... heard that tickets were really sold out.
I feel you!
I was aiming for VIP tickets to the Big Bang concert, but the seats were sold out on the first day. I ended up getting Upper Box tickets, instead.
Lovely shade, btw! :)
Awww I felt your frustration last night, mommy :( Di bale alam na next time ang gagawin. ♥ Can't wait to see you wearing that shade!!! :D

Arnie Villanueva
michymichymoo said…
I actually saw you at Gateway that time. :) Too bad you weren't able to watch. We got our tickets last June (first week of ticket selling). We just didn't want to miss it. :)

Let's just hope Maroon 5 will go back next year. :)
Unknown said…
LOL. same here. I thought I was the one who'll cover the presscon and concert for myx or khit isama nlng ako. ending, waley pala.. :/
but yes, Im actually looking for a Coral shade as well :)
I love the shade of coral and that's the current shade of my lippies!
Lourdes Espanol said…
There's always a next time. Keep up the positive attitude.
KT Villanueva said…
that is an adorable color .

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