Beauty Post: Nichido Eyebrow Liner Duo Kit

If there's one make-up trick that I am not good at, that is lining my brows. Even shaping and shaving my brows are part of my frustration. But because Im eager to learn, I've been on the "hunt" for affordable and beautiful eyebrow liner and I'm sharing with you one of the latest I found.

TheNichido Eyebrow Liner Duo Kit.
This is one of the items I bought during the Vintage Vanity Beauty Fair at Robinson's Galleria Dept Store. I made sure that this is included in my shopping basket because I love the idea of a brow  liner to be a compact shadow powder. Moreover, it comes in 2 colors -- coffee and black with extra tweezers too (which you can use to remove unwanted brows).

And remind you, I'm not a PRO in make-up but for someone who just loves applying colors in her face (without the proper training), here's how the Coffee Shade looked on me:

Since its powdery, adjusting the shade on the brows is easier. I also love the fact that it made my brows look  brown, which complimented my hair and skin color. You thoughts?

Above all this, Nichido Eyebrow Duo Kit is available in Nichido Stalls in leading department store for less than P300 (P250, I suppose! Forgive me but I couldn't remember the exact price). Its a really good price cause it actually stays long. (and it really looks good in pictures!)

I hope you like this post. I ust came from the SM GTW Model Search Mall Tour and a video shoot today so watch out for more beauty, fashion and event posts soon :)

Much Love,
The Bargain Doll


Lorraine Carla laplap said…
me wanna try! :)
Mtr Guanlao said…
I am not into cosmetics but I think I wanna try this one.
Bella Morcen said…
Sis, I have this one matagal na. Tagal maubos, nabasag yung black then brown lang naman ginagamit ko. :)
Nicole Paler said…
oh wow... now I'm contemplating if I should get the elf eyebrow kit or this one! hahaha!
papaleng said…
Ma try nga..LOL Kidding aside...seems a nice product to buy.
ava said…
it looks natural :) just how i love makeup to look like!
AlexisGrace said…
I like a natural looking brow, but mine can get some what thin, so I have to fill them in. This looks like a good option!

-Alexis Grace of North On Harper
Earthlingorgeous said…
this indeed is the cheapest eyebrow filling makeup I've encountered too. Another option for affordable ones are from Nature Republic, they have eyebrow pencils that I super love and makes your brows more natural looking. But now I am sold to K-Palette 2way brow pen super super amazing ! You should try! Can be found in Beauty Bar. Stay gorgeous! Earthlingorgeous
Vergil Lloyd Chua said…
Ah yes, eyebrows... apart from the eyes it also brings up the face. I don't know much about mae ups though but i know you're pretty :)

Gizelle Faye Sembrano said…
for someone who's not so used to shaping their brows, you did a pretty decent job! luckily, i have really thick brows so i only need to pluck them to shape them..only prob is i sometimes don't notice that they've overgrown..haha!

reading your prev post, i'm sure you'll be alright with paolo'll give you time to miss which will make your reunions even sweeter…especially your wedding! <3

♥ vanilla ice cream | a cebuana's personal style blog ♥
yaniconquistadora said…
For me Nichido is a great and well-known yet affordable cosmetic brand. I regularly buy my eye shadow pallette making sure it is Nichido. I have to look for this Rovie because it comes with tweezers already!
Franc Ramon said…
The product made your eyebrows more prominent and added to your beauty.
Do beauty posts more often, mommy! I'm learning a lot, surely your readers din feel the same ♥
Rizza Javier said…
Weee!! I love the review. I might try this product, sis. Thanks!
Ricky said…
Parang magandang pangregalo to sa mga nieces ko. Thanks for the review =)
animetric said…
I used a similar product from in2it to do my models' brows in make-up school before. I prefer the precision of pencil... :)
Kai Grafia said…
Oh my! That is sooooo cute! I need to have one :)))))
Mom-Friday said…
I never found the need for eyebrow liners since I have enough eyebrows hahahaha... but I still appreciate products like these since they do create a cleaner look and more defined brows :)))
Sumi Go said…
I'm super OC about my brows! hahaha.. I haven't tried Nichido's eyebrow liner duo yet, but I'm really loving my NYX eyebrow cake powder in taupe/ash. Anyway sis, I think a taupey brow color would suit you best since it'll really complement your hair color now :)

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