ETC Flea Market & More

Remember my Vintage Vanity event with Ana at Rob Galleria? Well we were actually surprised to see each other there and the chikahan na upon seeing each other. Our chitchat was so fun that I ended up going with her at the ETC Flea Market at Ronac Greenhills
And yay, when we arrived at Ronac, I saw Ava Te there! She was with her super cute son, Athan who was super kulit and super high in energyyy!
i roamed around the area but wasn't able to take photos cause I was busy shopping haha! But of course I got a photo of Anagon Collection
Ava's booth. Bought a colorful blazer for P150! Outfit soon!
Lissa Kahayon's.
Flying Dutchman
Mapleberry (my personal favorite)
 Then the rest were fun and kulitan!
Cutie Athan!
Mike Magallanes. Starstruck lang sobra. :)
Mike and Sarah 
And here are some of the stuff that I bought:
Accessories from Mapleberry
Neon Overload from Hailey & Five (na super afforable!)
Adding this to my growing Anagon Collection :)

Afterwards, met up with Pao to have milk tea at the newly opened Joe Monkey in Tomas Morato
Cute! They serve milk tea, fruit drinks and many more. The place is big and spacious too!
Obviously you somehow know na what I wore that day :p

Anyway, just got home from the SM GTW Mall tour! It was so fun. Shall post it soon! Have a fun filled Saturday 

Much Love, 
The Bargain Doll


nicolepaler said…
oh wow! Accessories overload! :)
Violy said…
I love the colorful one from mapleberry that you got! Accessories overload indeed! ;)
Franc Ramon said…
Looks like you were able to buy some stuff and really had fun doing it.
Wow, your flea market looks a whole lot bigger and way more awesome than the flea markets we have around here. It kind of reminds me of this big warehouse we have about an hour away that we love going to to find old furniture that people are trying to get rid of so you can find some really great things cheap.
jeff said…
Glad I wasn't there. I would have spent a fortune!
Angela Ricardo said…
love your flea market finds! I love shopping. Most especially for the bargain deal.
Pepper Tan said…
Wow, a blazer for only P150? This I have to see :). I love the accessories, and the shoes too :)
Jamie said…
That looks like a ton of fun =) There are a ton of flea markets, swap meets around me, and I've been wanting to go one to look around. I think you just inspired me more.
RebelSweetHrt said…
I love the necklaces from Mapleberry! Now I wanna go shopping, too! :)
papaleng said…
sure have a fun day. I love those shoes. The accessories bahala na si misis doon.
Rizza Javier said…
I love shopping... and window shopping, too! It relaxes me to see colorful and adorable accessories and clothes.
kristinebulatao said…
Love the accessories! :)

Please visit my online shop. We sell accessories at low
haha ikr :P
shopping is indeed fun :)
oh yes we have some of those too! this one's a 2 day affair and online clothing shops were there :)
yey! thanks!
oh yes blazer ni ava! :) soon i will :)
thanks :)
haha shopping na? :)
agree! :)
haha thanks:)
Courtnee said…
Love your outfit Rovie! So adorable
Rizza Lana said…
Looking adorable as always, Rovie <3 and your neon detachable collar's to die for :)
Sarri Republiq said…
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