Feeling Young Again (at The Candy Fair 2012)

To be honest, I haven't been to any candy fair. Yes call me a loser but I have been wanting to since I was a teen but I haven't had the time and the resources to go then. But when I got an invite to the event, I said to myself  "this is my chance!" Haha.

And indeed, the candy fair made me feel like a teen again. Let me tell you why.

I arrived at the Megatent Eastwood around past 10 in the morning. I tell you, I was more that surprised to see a venue filled with teenage kids very eager to witness the event and take photos with the Candy cuties
So I immediately went to the SM GTW booth inside the candy fair and oh my, there were a lot of ladies in the booth! Well probably first because there are 2 cute candy cuties willing to pose and hug EVERY girl that will approach them for photos and second because its the SM GTW booth! Need I say more?

So when I said that the cuties were very eager to pose, they were very very eager. I don't know how young this guy is but he is really cute! And because I want to feel how its like to be a candy girl beside a candy cutie, I have to have a photo. Oh my, at that point, I feel like I'm 10 years younger. 
Of course we toured around the Megatent with my co-SM GTW blogger ambassadors, Arnie, Rhea and Mich. Moreover, I was able to finally meet the person behind the newest look of The Bargain Doll, Bella Morcen! You don't know how much fun I had hanging out with these ladies, how much sweat we had roaming around the crowded area. There are just too many happy people around. Haha!
Carizza, Arnie, Ms. Joy Wong, myself and Ms. Joey Ruaro
With Ms. Joey Ruaro
After Rhea and Mich left, Arnie and I (then Carizza arrived shortly) was accompanied at the backstage to meet the SM GTW Redhead Model Search Finalists and the SM GTW Blogger IT Girls (!!). It was (another) first time experience to be the backstage of a production and it feels so overwhelming to see celebrities pass by randomly. At that moment, my teen mode was off and the fan girl mode just turned on. Haha
The 13 Redhead Model Search Finalists. Do you have your bets ye? Cause I do have mine!
and the SM GTW "It" Blogger girls, Kryz Uy, Camille Co, Patricia Prieto, Lissa Kahayon and Alyssa Lapid
And because I told you that my fan mode was iniated when I went backstage, I just had to take photos with my (our, your) favorite fashion bloggers. Quite honestly I will never be into blogging if I haven't read their respective blogs! And for that, I will forever be a fan girl. :)
With Patrica Prieto and Kryz Uy
Patricia Prieto and Camille Co, who still remembers my name after our small meet up at the Cosmo shoot a year ago :)
Lissa Kahayon
Of course the fan girl mode just became a lot more activated when we saw this super cute guy just walking at the backstage.
Omg Elmo Magalona is so cute. Can I be your sugar mommy? Haha! Lol
This cute guy is Kit. And Thank you Arnie for introducing me to him. Haha

Moments after, the official candy fair show started. And this time with my blogger mode on, I'm really excited to take photos of this event. I can hear shrieks and screams practically everywhere.. Which made me regret why I did not get to be a Candy girl when I was younger? (Around 2-3 years ago, lol)
And the loud screaming began at this moment.

It was jampacked!  I can imagine how fun it is to be a Candy Girl!
Spotted: A very busy Tracy Ayson! Hello girl!
Oh yes the Candy Cuties! Will you laugh at me if I tell you I screamed when some good looking guys (of my taste) walked the runway? Haha. Matrona levels! Haha
And of course, the much awaited part, The Top 13 Redhead Model Search Finalists graced the stage and had their first public catwalk
Girls if you dream to be a model, make sure to join the search next year!
Of course teenagers screamed not only to the cuties but to the SM GTW blogger it girls as well! They, indeed are inspirations to a lot of girls out there.
And in case you want to get to know more the Top 13 Redhead Model Search Finalists:

I voted by Top 3 Favorite girls on  https://www.facebook.com/SM.GTW
Make sure to vote your favorite! :)

And I didn't know that SM GTW posted this!
Wee it was fun! All in all I enjoyed the Candy fair! Was able to bond with new blogger friends, meet and greet favorite bloggers, meet celebrities and of course witness a fun event. :)

And guys, in case you want to attend Schu's Fashion Workshop with me, just tweet: 
"I want to attend @schu_shop and @myth_boutique's FREE Weekend Workshop on Sept. 29 at the #SchuFactoryOutlet with @roviedear!"  

Make sure you follow my blog and my twitter, @roviedear :)

I hope you enjoyed my post. For now I'm going back to my normal self and publish this post in a little while. Well its fun to feel young every now and then. Disclaimer, I'm not that old. I just feel old cause my age doesn't end in "teen" anymore. Haha :)

Just tweet if you want to be witht the event with me! I'm going to choose 1 randomly :)


I love this post!! Kasi may appearance ako dito! Choz! Glad to hear na you had fun :) See you soon!!! :)
Xandra Nadela said…
Wow :O Im a bit speechless about the event <3 Was packed and I can feel you too <3 lol. You didnt post your look rovie?

- www.theskinnystylista.blogspot.com
Xandra Nadela said…
OMG. I can feel you love <3 And the event was jampacked <3 How bout your OOTD love?

- www.theskinnystylista.blogspot.com
Unknown said…
pagrab pics girl, waaahh super bitin, I should have went there earlier. haha. it's fun being a teen once again! :D
Anonymous said…
WaH! At least u got to experience it , better late than necer hope too meet u soon!
WOW! First I am loving your new digs, second you look fab in the coral, blue and yellow. Love it. Third Candy festival. Girl where is all the candy??
BrickCruz said…
Very nice but why no pics of candy!!?? Or is Candy Fair just a deceptive name?? Either way still a cute story..
daayur said…
Wow, very interesting post, i felt it
daayur said…
interesting !!!!
Alexis Grace said…
I am actually not sure I totally know what a candy fair is (we don't have them here....), but I am glad you got to live out this long awaited experience!!
Maria Teresa said…
This Candy Fair event would surely bring out the youth/teenager in us. The place is jam-packed!
BlogGirl said…
You all look so pretty! :> I love candy, pero di pa rin ako nka punta sa mga candy fair e. Hopefully someday ;)) I'm sure nag enjoy kayo! :>
kumiko mae said…
i love what you're wearing to the event! a lot of people mentioned how it was such a fun night :)
Lotsa pretty young girls! Looks like a super fun event Hahaha! Di na ako bagay sa crowd na ganyan :)
michymichymoo said…
Kinilig din ako with Kit and Elmo! hahaha! :) Haven't been to a Candy fair. Gusto ko sana before but I didn't get the chance. :P I feel old na tuloy. :P

Shaira Manalo said…
Jealous me! I wasn't able to go at the Candy Fair :( You're so great. You had a picture with the best fashion bloggers ever =) and also with Kit Thompson ;)
Sam Lanuza said…
I like your neon necklace and spikes :)
Looks like you girls had a lot of fun!

Czjai said…
LOL at the sugar mommy, haha!
Looking at the photos, the atmosphere during that day must have been crazy! In a fun way, of course. :)
Kero said…
colorful event! it looks like everyone had a grand time
looks like a great day to meet other fashion enthusiasts and pretty girls.
Amor said…
andaming cute! Nice cover of the event... Swerte, andaming artistang nakita!
Ashley K said…
Super exciting! Great neon peter pan color you have on.
Tamika D. said…
Looks like a fun event. There were A LOT of peeps! You all looked fierce. :)
Unknown said…
I would really love to be with you! i'm starting to like your blog! I love visiting here! Nice post and i love the cuties you are with.. Lucky girl and the guys are lucky to you too!

kenny said…
I enjoyed reading your blog! I have a 3 month old blog: anythingunderkenny.wordpress.com. Hmm, I am certainly new to this but I am trying to be better at it.

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