Get in Line, Settle Down

No, the title has no relation to my outfit. Haha. Im just LSSing over this new No Doubt song, Settle Down and dancing on it while I drive or wherever. I'm just so happy that one of my favorite bands is now back and rocking the music scene with some punk/reggae feel music (Just like Underneath it All). Anyways let me get to my outfit post, which is somehow have that "beach" feel cause its boho

I wore this super pretty SM GTW dress during the last leg of the Redhead Model Search malll tour at SM Cubao last Sept8 with Carizza and Arnie. I super love this tribal dress from Shopaholic cause more than being in trend, it also flatters my figure! Let my photos show you how this dress made me look tall, slender and curvy.
I actually don't know if this made me look tall or fat (because this dress is in XL but surprisingly it fits!) but I love how the dress was so stunning that people wont help but stare while I was on the mall (or because they think I'm too overdressed). But nevertheless I love the dress. the print and basically everything.
Headpiece: Girl Shoppe
Necklace: Bubbles & Anagon
Shoes: LYN

If there's one style I dream of wearing, that is boho. Unfortunately I only have rare moments like this that I can pull of such style. I hope you like it. I'll appreciate your thoughts :)

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And because I'm on LSS with Settle Down, here's the music video (where Gwen Stefani is still so hot!!)
Much Love
The Bargain Doll

Photos by Carizza Chua


Carizza Chua said…
suprised to know it was XL. it looks just the right size (medium) for you. stay pretty!
Aileen A. said…
Nice! I actually love the print on this one! :D Hope I get to be as fashion-forward like you :>
Honney said…
nice outfit! baka akala nila dyosa ka kaya pinagtitinginan ka sa mall. hehe. cool contest!

Pretty Ugly said…
I love everything in this look. The dress suits you well. So bohemian chic. :)
Ashley said…
The dress is great it really vibes with the whole bohemian look.
Franc Ramon said…
The dress made you taller and your figure stand out.
MissApriil said…
I love the whole look! Very Aztec/Native American inspired :)

yaniconquistadora said…
Two thumbs up for the outfit. It can really snag someone's attention!
Maria Teresa said…
Indeed, the lovely tribal dress makes you look taller and sexier. I love your shoes, too!
Mom-Friday said…
I like the maxi dress and the tribal print! I definitely makes one look taller and leaner with the small prints and silhouette. :)
Definitely one of my favorite looks from your OOTDs, mommy!!! ♥ Super favorite ko tong dress on you, gandaaa!! :) :)
animetric said…
Wow I wish I could carry such type of dresses.
kristinebulatao said…
Love the dress dear <3

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Chrissy said…
I love the dress, but I could NEVER pull it off! Inggit!

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Journey said…
Yes indeed it made you look taller and the shoes is a killer =)
violy said…
wow great outfit! I like the print, and the dress looks so comfy. Love the shoes too! ;)

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