SM GTW Redhead Model Search Mall Tour at SM Cubao

Photo Courtesy of SM GTW 
Last Saturday, Arnie, Carizza and I were at SM Cubao for the last leg of the Redhead Model Search mall tour. It was fun cause there were so many young and pretty girls that graced the mall tour! I was surprised that girls as young as 13 and 14 were already auditioning and trying their luck in achieving their dream to become a model. Here are some photos to show you what transpired last Saturday.

Aspiring model were being dolled up by Maybelline
Ms. Dorothy hosting the event
We were asked to walk on the runway (which is something I'm not used in doing, haha!!) to show the ladies how to pose in front of the camera. We were even given a chance to introduce ourseleves and our blog!
Photo from SM GTW. I never thought I'd step on the runway and talk in front of many people. It was an amazing experience.
2 ladies were asked to ramp and strut their style on the runway, and they were really good! We were also asked to give our tips to the aspiring models. It was such an honor. :)

Our photos with the sponsors: Stabilo Boss
Crystal Clear
Photos with the young and gorgeous applicants
The Redhead girls
With the birthday boy, Sir Carlo :)
Carizza and Ms Joey
And a preview of what I wore last Saturday; which the outfit post shall be posted soon!

It was a fun event. I am still overwhelemed that I got to experience being in  a mall tour, walking the runway and giving tips as a fashion blogger. To the people behind the redhead model search, I am will forever be grateful. :) (and I pray for more blessings to come)

PS: I still owe you guys the photos from the mall tour at SM MOA a couple of Saturdays ago! It will be posted soon.  
Much Love,
The Bargain Doll


Love love love this!! ♥ Hope you'll allow me to grab some of your photos mommy and include them in my post. Hihi thank you! Had fun with you as always. Bitin nga laaang!!!
ava said…
love the dress, rovie!:) the tour looks really cool!:)
Charmie Lising said…
Uy small world! Joey's my college blockmate. Is she part of the event? :)
megannmonday said…
Kanina Disqus won't load. Haha okay buti nagload na! :p You girls look so lovely. I'm sure it went well. 'Di na tayo nakapag-chika much about it last Saturday eh, but I hope to see you again soon :)

♥ Megann of Style Surgery
michymichymoo said…
Looks like you're having a great time. Congratulations! :)
Honney said…
Congratulations on your exposure! Ito na ang simula ng modeling career mo, sis! Goodluck!
Eunice said…
That was definitely an overwhelming experience! I'm sure a lot of girls felt more inspired to reach higher for their dreams. Good luck to them in Redhead's contest! :)
shykulasa said…
pretty! i hope you succeed in your dream :)
Kat Valdez said…
You look gorgeous! Too hippie and alavet! :P
Walking on the runway is really cool! Good luck to all those who joined the Redhead Model Search!
animetric said…
Congratulations! It's not everyday one gets to experience something like this. :)
MrsMartinez said…
Wow! What an experience! You go, girl!

Aileen A. said…
It's funny because... my friend and I applied for this one out of a whim HAHAHAHAHA! Anyhow, lucky you! You girls are lovely! :D
Sumi Go said…
Love your outfit here, sis! :D Can't wait for your outfit post! ^^ Anyway, I'm excited to find out who made the cut. Good luck to all those who've joined!
Sam Lanuza said…
Love your dress here. so brave :))
You look absolutely stunning! :)
blankPixels said…
I was looking at your photo and thought that you looked familiar. You're the girl my brother Kenneth told me pala. Good job with your blog! And I LOVE that dress and your entire look. So comfy yet stylish and unique. :)

More power to fellow Jamers! Hahah :))
Violy said…
Congratulations! Wow a runaway and may speech pa! And I so love your entire look! ;)
Rizza Lana said…
Genormous hearts on your dress Rovie! Thanks for always dropping by my humble space. You're the sweetest ;)
Too bad I missed this! I would have loved to walk the runway with you girls! Mwah! Next time na lang :)
awww this is nice, when I was 13 I was still playing on grasses and fields. Haha! I guess becaue its a different generation now and everyone wants to see themselves on TV haha.. everyone wants to be a grown up fast and later on realize ah I wanna be a kid again!
Florence LM said…
Lovely outfit! Hippie na hippie! :)
Badet Siazon said…
Love your dress Rovie!
wrey said…
Nice outfit! Congrats on this lovely collaboration! ^◡^

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