Underneath It All (Win a Leather Jacket from COPPER)

Hello guys! I'm blogging really late (again) despite the fact that I have to be up super early tomorrow (because of work and the schedule facetime date with the fiance). However I felt that its been a while since I last posted an outfit so here I'm posting something that I wore a couple of Saturdays ago for the Redhead Model Search Mall Tour at SM MOA
This is how my outfit looked while I was at the Mall Tour with Tin Iglesias and Kaye Awatin last Sept.1. I'm loving how the Redhead pink blazer is complimenting my skin color so I keep on wearing them. Cause I'm such a big fan of colors, I paired it with this mint skirt from SM GTW which made me look like a walking bubble gum.
Yet,  another interesting thing about this outfit is how I played with the thrifted sheer top. Since I'm not really confident in wearing bra underneath a sheer top, I decided to wear this Copper bralet instead. I have been wanting to wear th for the longest time but because I'm still not confident enough to wear a bralet on its own, I wore it with a sheer top on top of it.

which is probably if not the best, one of the most brilliant thing I ever did to an outfit (I hope you would agree too). And because the back details of this thrfited  top is just so awesome, it made my outfit a little sexy (explains the reason why I had to put on a blazer while I was on the mall, teehee!)
Blazer & Skirt: SM GTW || Top:  Thrifted ||
Bralet: Copper || Shoes: Chili Margarita || Necklace: Broadway Gems

And because COPPER is just so awesome, we are giving out a MOTOR JACKET for one reader! Yay! This faux leather jacket is just perfect for the rainy season so guys, join this giveaway and fill the rafflecopter entry form below:

Photo from Copper 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Hope you join guys! :)

Much Love,
The Bargain Doll


dlysen said…
I love the necklace and the golden shoes... nice
kweshie said…
tha bralet is so cool! I want one! :D very edgy! <3
I love the sheer top Ms. Rovie. ;) I joined!
tatz said…
nice outfit.. :)
Faith said…
i want your sheer top, so dainty! and your shoes, very fab!
I was just gonna say, bubble gum inspired LOL
I looove your sheer top and skirt!! Fingers crossed! :))
kristinebulatao said…
Love the sheer top! :)

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ChrisAir Abenes said…
I love motor jacket leather
Sam Lanuza said…
I love the bra Rovie. :D
Franc Ramon said…
I like your photos here, you look really fierce and at the same time remain pretty.
Rizza Javier said…
Nice! I like the entire get-up! Lagyan lang ng matching blazer, pde na rin sa office.
Mtr Guanlao said…
Well,I don't have the body like yours so I can't wear like that,hehe! It's nice with you :)
awesome giveaway!! BTW I love that pink lip color, what is it called?
Hazel said…
ganduuuhh!! :) bet ko yung gold shoes <3
Kookie Buhain said…
That bralet is so hot! I love! And you look chic in this outfit.
precious top, i wish to have one!

It’s a GIRL
Pretty Ugly said…
I love the bralet, necklace and shoes! :)
jolly said…
i'm betting on that black leather jacket! i don't have one yet. :)
Aileen A. said…
WHOA work it girl! I don't think I can ever have the courage to wear that top, but you just nailed it! :D Love it!
shykulasa said…
the color combination looks hip! Lovely :)
Miss April said…
good luck to all who joined! :)
Maria Teresa said…
What a lovely top! I like the necklace, too!
Great giveaway, Rovie! I joined, hehe. :)
Sumi Go said…
I love your outfit!!! I so dig the sheer top over the bralet. It's subtle and not too revealing, but still very sexy and edgy.. :D Anyway, joining your giveaway sis!
MrsMartinez said…
Nice gold pumps!

Kai Grafia said…
That bralet underneath looks reall amazing love! :)) You loooook pretty!
Frances said…
FIERCE and STYLISH! Definitely following you :)

By the way, I am having a floral bustier dress birthday giveaway. Hope you could join. Here is the link :)

shopgirljen said…
I so love the color combination, Rovie! FTW ang white top mo! So pretty! :)
Ruth dela Cruz said…
Love the top dear! You really have style! Will join the contest later.. hehe.

Sending my love from Canada ;)

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