Fashion Blogging 101 by Love Chic

I have been blogging for quite some time now but I still don't consider myself a pro in fashion blogging, or blogging per se. Improving my blog content, gaining followers has been a challenge for me and I've been trying to find ways to improve my blog.


It was a very opportune time that Schu held another fashion workshop and this time it focused on Fashion Blogging. I made sure that I'll be able to attend this one as the tandem behind the kilig couple's blog, Shai Lagarde and Seph Cham of Love Chic were the ones to share tips on "Fashion Blogging 101"

Along with other bloggers (that I admire), Arnie Villanueva, Ana Gonzales, Sarah Tirona and Paul (the PR Guy) we all attended the workshop with so much anticipation.

When Seph and Shai started sharing tips on Fashion Blogging, there's one advice that I believe each bloggers should keep in mind -- to have a genuinely nice attitude. Of course, having a little knowledge on html, publishing well written posts and posting good qualities of photos are all important in blogging but to top it all, having a nice attitude will really attract more people to your blog.

The worskshop all in all was fun and very casual. I, along with the attendees realized a lot of things and learned from them. The couple were so cute and sweet (insert inggit, kilig eyes here) not only to each other but also to us attendees. :) and it was a lot more fun cause readers, Daryl and Aya were there to join me in the workshop! (had fun with you guys!!)

Many thanks to Schu for the invite!! Funny how when the workshop ended, almost all of us were outside the outlet store and were taking our outfit shots. Just look at Shai taking photos and ana and arnie taking outfitey shots! :)

Have a blessed sunday! :)
Much Love,TBD


Bella Morcen said…
Sayang teh! SORRY!
Robi Marapao said…
I agree with you, Rovie. At the end of the day, the attitude rules overall. Honestly, I really admire fashion bloggers. :)
Ness Mercader said…
Hi Rovie! I think, we were at the most recent Uniqlo event in SM The Block. But didn't get the chance to say hi. I love your blog. I wanted to be a fashion blogger too. But I ended up to be a lifestyle blogger. Haha!
kweshie said…
OH! They're such a cute couple! <3 and yes, having a genuinely nice attitude is the most important things in becoming a blogger. :)
animetric said…
Aw, Seph and Shai make such a lovely couple! :D
Franc Ramon said…
I guess our blogs are always a work in progress in the sense that there will always be a room to improve and its nice that you attend workshops to further hone your skills on writing. BTW, I do get entertained reading your blogs.
Lourdes Espanol said…
Attending workshops is a nice way of gaining more knowledge. Sometimes we think we know everything but there's always room for improvement.
michymichymoo said…
Makes me think if I'm sometimes rude.hahaha!
It's also nice to consider other people's suggestions to improve your blog. :)
Ishna said…
Thanks for the tips! I believe in that too, being nicer to your followers is a big thing, and also being sincere!
Debarpan said…
This blog is one of the best blog in this particular niche.So I think you should consider yourself a pro in fashion blogging.
Kero said…
lucky you are able to attend such event to hone your craft. I hope one day i can attend a blogging workshop too. Would love to learn the technical aspects most.
Dane said…
How fun!
This is a great workshop especially for newbie fashion bloggers.
And I love the lipcolor you're wearing. :)
Kristine Bulatao said…
Cute couple! :)

Unique arm candies at very low prices at Green Berries!
Faith said…
as always, I wish I could also go to events like this..lucky you hun!
you look so pretty by the way! your makeup looks so glowy <3

Alexis Grace said…
I completely agree that having a genuinely nice attitude is essential to blogging success! Glad you had fun at the workshop!!

-Alexis of North On Harper
fifi leigh said…
yeah, i think marketing is important as well as distribute blog to the appropriate target audience.
Jeffrey Rilles said…
This is an interesting workshop for lifestyle and fashion bloggers.

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