Absolut Vodka Mode Edition Launch

A couple of weeks ago, I was invited to the launch of a limited Mode Edition Vodka at Fiamma. Along with blogger friends, Megann, Angel, Jacky, Verge, Mikki, Raiza, Jacob, Armi and Anton we spent a great Wednesday night sipping good tasting Absolut Cocktails, having a great time and witnessing a wonderful Fashion Show inspired by Absolut.
The runway was filled with Neon and Blues and it was just so awesome :)
And the night wasn't complete with photo-ops and chit chats.
Angel-- who arrived soaking wet that night, managed to be stay and enjoy the event as if nothing happened. :) Also with Jacky, Armi and Anton
Laureen Uy and Robbie Becroft. I'm so honored that Laureen still remembers me after our Cosmo shoot exactly a year ago. I am so flattered that she smiles at me everytime she sees me. So humble!
That's why I love her :)
Spotted Alyssa Lapid with Mikki
Hi Divine!
resized_DSC_0341 resized_DSC_0342
This needs a big photo cause I'm with Pao! Oh no, its Verge!! Gosh they do look alike!

Missed blogging! Ay guys please don't forget to join my SM GTW (and a lot more stuff) Giveaway for you to win cool prizes! :)

Much Love,
The Bargain Doll


John Bueno said…
So cute naman your photo with Verge hehe ^^,
genefaith said…
How I wish I'll have a chance to witness a fashion show:)

Blues and neons look so cool in runway! I love the designs of the blue dresses splashed with neons:) Trends nowadays are just getting better and brighter:)
Franc Ramon said…
I love Absolut Vodka. It seems like a great launch.
Claudine Chua said…
Love the dress and its cute cut-outs! <3 Love the photos :)

Claudine Chua said…
Love the dress and its cute cut-outs! <3 Love the photos :)

Lizzie said…
The dresses are usper sexy! <3 And I love the last photo.

P.S. The layout of your blog is different today.
Lizzie said…
Ah. I clicked the mobile version. My bad. :)
Animetric said…
Love the idea of clothes in Absolut Vodka colors!
Hamlet said…
Very interesting post.
BrickCruz said…
So you got to see beautiful models and drink free vodka all because you blog? Can I be one of your "blogger friends"? lol
lalalaPatricia said…
I like their clothes (models)! You really had fun for sure! Seeing and taking a shot with the celebrities around you? cool! Where's Rhea? Bring her! For sure she will enjoy every second <3

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