After we Eat, We Cross the Street

Funny how when you hang out with fashion bloggers, taking outfit shots everywhere is normal. Just when Rhea (Bebe Doll) and Mich (Mich Eats and Shops) and I went out one Friday night for dinner and bonding. As always, we did not let the night end without taking outfit shots. And as you see it right, we actually took our outfit shots at a pedestrian crossing in Ortigas. We call it our Buwis Buhay moment. 
Blazer: Thrifted || Dress: From Singapore || Shoes: From Jacky Moraleda
Bag: Sophie Paris || Headband: Simple Joys
It was around 12mn (Yes, we did not notice the time cause we were having so much fun during dinner and taking outfit shots) so we had to find a place to give an artsy effect. What better way to give your photos a little drama but pose under yellow light and a pedestrian crossing? And that's what we did. And probably because it was midnight that we went a little cray cray and fooled around while were taking shots and avoiding trucks at the same time. 
Yes we're happy and perky like that. 
It was probably because of the sumptous Korean dinner we had and we were this lively despite the time. Have I told you that I never liked Korean dishes (the thought of Kimchi makes me vommit) until that night? Since Rhea and Mich won the Dress me Up event for Araneta Center, they treated me for dinner. And because Mich is also a food blogger, she brought us in a Korean resto (near Astoria) and told us that my impression on Korean food will change after I tried it.
I still have to ask Mich what our dish was called but seriously, it was SO GOOD! I never thought that I'll enjoy our dinner but I did! I remeber I was telling Mich and Rhea how afraid I am with Kimchi and Mich telling me that my thoughts will change after trying the dish. And it did. I am definitely eating here again. 

I hope you guys like this post. Happy Sunday guys. :) I need to prepare now as I have to attend to an event later :)

Much Love, 
The Bargain Doll

Thank you Rhea Bue for the photos :)


Cute dress! :)

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animetric said…
I'm interested in the resto, what's it called? Thanks!
vicky hoang said…
the food looks delicious! i believe that it is called ssambap! :)
Dacy Pie said…
Sounds like so much fun! ♥ I love your dress & headband!
Wonder Woman said…
Buti pa sila nakakadinner and bonding mo :( #drama Lol.

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michymichymoo said…
I think I saw that place. Is that the one in Pearl Plaza? :)
Kai Grafia said…
That outfit is sooooo cute and fun and girly and all things sweet!! I wanna try Korean food toooooo!
Pretty Ugly said…
I love your headband and dress. You ladies are adorable and chic! LOL at "Buwis Buhay".
ruthilicious said…
Haha. I also had that Buwis Buhay Moment in Downtown Toronto, but I just want to have a pic taken while crossing the street.. not merely for Outfit Shot!

I love how creative your shots Rovie!
Mary Lovelee said…
That's a very daring, but very fun, night! Just enjoy those moments! You 3 gals look fab while crossing the ped xing! Btw, what's the name of that Korean resto? =)
jo-ann said…
Stay healthy and happy, you seems have a very good life. Love your outfit always!
Dys Pacete said…
Love your yellow dress. :) You look so pretty with your head band.
Happy Bidder said…
Love the dress and shoes on you. Nothing beats spending time with friends over food. :)
bykrizzia said…
Yellow lights + pedestrian + your dress = perfect outfit shot! :) Oh by the way, i like the photos with your friends. Very "having fun with my gals" ang dating.

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