Be The First UNIQLO's UNIQSTYLE Fashionista!

If you guys remember this look many months ago, I was wearing one of my super favorite top, the UNIQLO Bra top on this outfit post. And if you are wondering why I'm posting this again, it is because I am joining UNIQLO's hunt of their no. 1 UNIQSTYLE Fashionista?

Why am I joining? It is because if only I upload (an old or new) photo wearing AT LEAST ONE UNIQLO item, I can win from P5,000 weekly (as a weekly winner) even up to P7,000Uniqlo GCs (if chosen as the "cast favorite") and up to P20,000 UT GCs if chosen the ULTIMATE UNIQSTYLE winner!

So if you think you have what it takes to be 1st UNIQSTYLE fashionista, all you need t
o do is to Like -- describe--upload!

Like Uniqlo's Facebook page and access the UNIQSTYLE app. (Make sure you allow access to your profile!)

Upload your photo wearing UNIQLO  fall/autumn style / items and describe and state the UNIQLO items that you are wearing. But before you upload, fill in your Name, Last name, Bday, Mobile No., Address and Email.

Once uploaded, you'll see a preview of the photo. Make sure that its clear, decent and clean. Also make sure that the photo is yours (not stolen) and in .jpeg format. Click submit, and you're good to go!

You'll see this confirmation and even receive and email about it!

But if you don't feel like uploading your style, you can win by LIKING the photos! 60 VOTERS can win P1,000 GC every week (240 winners) and 1 ULTIMATE VOTER will get P5,000 GC!

So upload and / or like your UNIQSTYLE now :)
Much Love,
The Bargain Doll


Brick Cruz said…
Lookin very good!!! somehow don't think it would suit me as well ;)
ishna said…
Good luck! I hope you win! :)
Franc Ramon said…
Good luck on this Rovie! I am sure you have a strong chance of winning.
jo-ann said…
You deserve to win, you pose as a real fashionista. Congrats.
omg i can vote for you dear! one of my friend joined the contest also! good luck! xx
Ghel Pot said…
i love ho you put the blazer on and make it look like an office outfit with an attitude! :)
Iam Herbert said…
You really look stunning on this dress maam :) It really fits well. Congratulations
Hazel said…
I'm all over the bag and shoes. You carry them well.
jolly said…
you look gorgeous with them. :)
Pretty Ugly said…
Looking great! Best of luck. I'll vote for you. :)
Chris said…
You look great! Hope you win! :)
Sumi Go said…
Good luck on this Rovie! I'm sure you'll be winning, love your look! :) Anyway, I'll try joining the contest too. If not, I'll just vote away and wish to be one of the lucky winners from the voters :D
animetric said…
Good luck! I won a P1k GC just for voting. Wheee! :D
Love the look! :)

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fifi leigh said…
cool. looks like fun..

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