Cause I Might Be Addcited

There are days where a certain song is stuck in your head and you can't help but listen to it over and over again. The past couple of weeks, I have been LSSing on songs that I think would fit as a probable wedding SDE / Save the date music. Songs like Addicted by Morgan Page, The Temper Trap's Love Lost and  Sweet Disposition and The Killers' Runaways. Ironically, these songs are a mix of love and frustration that are played in a feel good vibe. These songs brings me back to a lot of good and even not so good memories of our young love.
If you guys are not yet familiar, yes I'm getting married. My wedding is set next year, with the guy I've been for 8 years (we'll be on our 9th year on our wedding). However Paolo, my fiance is in Canada now (but he's going back in a month, yay!) and it is probably the reason why I keep relating a lot of emotions through songs that talk about love, inspiration and even frustration.
Anyway before I go on talking about my feelings and all other stuff about love and marriage, let me first share to you what I wore last Saturday to the Schu Workshop and Uniqlo event. I have always loved how a fedora hat can turn an outfit around. This is one of my personal favorite looks as it exudes a girly, edgy and preppy feel. Moreover, simple statement pieces, like this Anagon Peace Braclet makes my outfit a lot more meaningful.
Another reason why my outfit is so special is because I'm wearing the Cotton On top my cousin gave me from Singapore. I'm so happy cause Cotton On is one of my favorite brands and I love it cause its so affordable (when converted to peso), fashionable and comfortable at the same time. That's why I can't thank my cousin, Aimee enough for this gift. She knows I love the brand but I don't always have the funds to buy haha!
These bangles from Forever 21 (that I got on sale) never fails to make people say "nice bangles where'd you get it?" Cute. I'm happy I bought it even if I found it a bit expensive (at P250) during that time. Talk about kuripot. Haha. And was I able to say that my skirt is thrifted?
The fedora hat is a last minute addition. I went to an earlier Uniqlo event at SM The Block and went to the department store to buy this one. Glad there's SM Accessories and I was able to make my outfit a bit more stylish in a snap. And as always, my Jellybean booties never fail to give that edge on my outfit. I remember buying it on sale (at P999) sometime last year and people have been thinking that this is Gold Dot. Another wonderful buy.

Here's the video of one of the songs I'm LSSing to. Yes I'm Addicted on how the fiance gets the best out of me, which makes me miss him more. If you have any suggestions as probable wedding SDE and pre nup songs (but the wedding is still a year from now) please tell me. I would love to include them in my playlist so I can always daydream about that big day.

and because I noticed that I look serious / sad on my photos above, here's a happier one along with my Sophie Paris bag.

Have a great Saturday :)

Much Love
The Bargain Doll

PS: Thanks Arnie Villanueva for the photos :)


eccentricmelai said…
nice fedora hat. great accessories...hope I could find one for my birthday next month. :)
oh dear! getting so gorgeous and gorgeous ervyday!! Love the super shoes and the super bracelet!! xx
bykrizzia said…
Sis you try pinterest. Maybe you're familiar already, it has lots of wedding ideas! :) Love the details of your top.

~ Sweetstrings
Maria said…
i love every piece of your outfit!!!
Lilpink said…
i love your shoes..
you look absolutely stunning.
Franc Ramon said…
I'm sure your fiance is looking forward to next month too. He's probably also addicted to the thought of seeing you again.
animetric said…
I like the peace bracelet! Congrats in advance.
See how time flies? He'll be back next month! Parang kelan lang ang crayola ever, haha! :)
fifi leigh said…
cool outfit. you look like a trendy artist.
michymichymoo said…
Advance best wishes! :) Looks nice. You look like a rocker here. :)
Kero said…
The cuff is awesome!! you look really better when you smile =D defeats all other accesories.
Carla Mutuc said…
i've always thought pastels best suits you but this look is your best yet there's no pastel in sight! keep it up! :)
Traveling Morion said…
seriously, kamukha mo si Julia Montes sa last photo:)
Kristine Bulatao said…
Cute bracelet! :)

Unique arm candies at very low prices at Green Berries!
Honey Gail Pregonero said…
Love your look! Followed you! Would you mind to follow back? :)
I LOVE GREG LASWELL!!! I used to listen to his album repeatedly back in university :D Will listen to this new song now hehhehe Rovie, you can do it! 1 month will fly so fast you won't even notice it :) As for me, I'm still waiting for my prince to come sweep me off my feet ;) Love you!
Pepper Tan said…
Now, I can't get that song off my head :)
It's the first time I heard it, by the way :). Congrats on your upcoming wedding.
Grasyah | The Island Mom said…
I so love your accessories!!! Pretty outfit by the way!!

Will try to listen to the songs you mentioned. And congrats in advance on you wedding!! :)
karlim karl said…
Nice look! and great shot! =)

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