Crash Into Me

Imagine this, you're infront of your computer and about to finish editing and cropping your photos when it suddenly crashed. Bad trip nga naman cause you're actually on that blogging mood then *poof* it was all gone. That's what actually happened to me last night, while I was using Paolo's desktop (while he is away) and was about to upload my photos in flickr. frustrated, i opened my personal laptop and when I was about click on the usual sites, it also crashed. Talk about double whammy. 

Now, I got a chance to update my blog now (I'm currently using my cousin's laptop), I realized that I saved (and removed from SD card) my photos on both broken computers. (Talk about a series of unfortunate events). So instead of writing about the James Morisson concert (which I absolutely enjoyed), Uniqlo, Schu and a couple of outfit posts, I am writing about the outfit I wore to an event I attended last Sunday at SOFA.

I was very fortunate to attend a cocktail party hosted by MEG Magazine at SOFA. We were asked to wear  a daytime cocktail chic and because I was (always) feeling a little lazy, I wore this cut-out dress (that I got for only P399 on sale) from Oxygen. 
I've always relied on cut-out dresses for lazy days. For this particular outfit, the asymmetric and cut-out details of the dress are enough to make a statement. I added gold accessories to make myself look a little taller. And it was actually the right dress as I was also having that time of the month. (Girls you know what I mean.)
Doing a little hair sway for "fierce effect" haha.
And because SOFA is so pretty, I just had to take an outfit shot inside :p

Cut-out Dress: OXYGEN || Accessories: Forever 21
Shoes: Chilli Margarita

I can't wait to write about Meg's cocktail event! (Which I will in a couple of weeks) You'll be surprised on what's it all about. I do hope though that you like what I wore for the event. And I wish that by the time I get to Paolo's house tomorrow, his desktop will be functional and I'll be able to retrieve some of my photos. (Fingers crossed). For the meantime, I have to go now and get some rest as I have to be up by 530AM tomorrow.


Much Love,
The Bargain Doll

Photos by Carizza Chua


Carizza Chua said…
naexcite naman ako for this! :) love that dress didn't know it was only P399! ganda :)
Chriselle Sy said…
Love the outfit especially the shoes! :)
Ashley said…
Sorry to hear about your computer troubles! Your dress and glittery shoes look lovely.
michymichymoo said…
Awww. Too bad. I hope you'll have a laptop or PC to use soon. Anyway, I love your shoes!
Rhea Bue said…
ang ganda babeeeee!! :D love the dress <3 sexynessss :D *sigh* miss you tuloy :(
Bella Morcen said…
Sexy naman!
CJ said…
I love those shoes! :)
Franc Ramon said…
Impressive how you can look that elegant for P399. Yeah, it such a bummer when your computer crashes and you are about done.
Kristine Bulatao said…
Plain and simple. Love it! :)

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Carmella Cena said…
I like your dress! So classy..
Eunice said…
I know the feeling of doing something important & your computer suddenly decides to betray you. Anyhoo, how you accessorized definitely made the dress look like a thousand++ bucks! :D
Pretty Ugly said…
I hate it when my computer crashes (though I haven't had this for a very long time, thankfully).

I love this look. Very sophisticated color combo and the accessories are beautfiul.
Pal Raine said…
Wow! I love your dress and the accessories really fit with your look. Very sophisticated and glamorously fashion.
bykrizzia said…
When files crashed and you were like "" haha. i love your dress here sis. the dress looks fab and glam on you.

~ Sweetstrings
Jamie said…
Frustrating!!! But what an adorable dress =)
Arra said…
Hassle naman everything that happened! Great photos though! Love the dress as well!

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