This is not the first time I wore a sparkling outfit. You have probably seen me in sparkly dresses a lot of times whenever I attend an event and I can say that its my regular "I can't think of anything to wear so I'd wear this" outfit. Why? Because sequined and sparkly outfit can be a stunner without putting too much effort on accessorizing and / or layering. 
So you wouldn't be surprised if I wore another sequined dress (used as top) when I attended the Freeway x Botong event  held last Thursday, Oct 18 at Glorietta 1. I wanted to look glitzy and glamorous but because I am (always) pressed for time (I always come from work everytime I attend an event on a weekday), i had to bring something that is easy to style and wear. Great thing I have this PINK FASHION Sequined dress that saved me a lot of time from overthinking what to wear. 
Top: Pink Fashion
Skirt: Myowthriftshop || Bangle: Forever 21 || Watch: Fossil
Shoes: Soledesire (People are People)
Paired it with a long skirt for a more elegant feel. What do you think? Was it stunning or nothing?

And I almost forgot that I, along with Julie, Megann, Angel and Trishie modeled for PINK FASHION's first ever video. Love how the video is full of colors, balloons and bubbles -- so youthful and fun. (I felt really young too!)

Visit Pink Fashion Shop's facebook to view their collection :)

Thanks so much Kelly Medina for my photos :)
Much Love,
The Bargain Doll


Frances said…
You are looking stunning dear! :) I love it :)
-xoxo, FRANCES


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Ysh ♥ said…
I totally agree! Your outfit did not need any grand accessorizing. You lool lovely!
aiz kim said…
love your new blog layout...and let me just say that you get prettier by each post.
Algene said…
I really love your accessories, sis! Perfect din for your lovely dress :)
Sai Sayson said…
I must say I fell in love with your glittery outfit when I saw you at the event ;) Very pretty!

http://www.fashionbysai.com and http://fashionbysai.tumblr.com
Earthlingorgeous said…
I do love your top so much I will visit Pink Fashion shop now and hopefully find something pretty for me :) haha
shopgirljen said…
Oh yes!! The glitter glitteran Rovie is back!!! Kahit araw araw pa bagay naman syo :)) It was nice to see you again that night. Na miss kita!! More bonding soon please! :)
마리 said…
This is effortless, indeed! :) Love the shoes! ♥
MrsMartinez said…
Love the sequined top and your the bangle on your right hand!

Faith said…
you always look stunning hun! really love your style <3
super cute ng video sis!
what's on your lips?

Love the dress! :)

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Angela Ricardo said…
Looking gorgeous and fabulous!~ Stay beautiful!~
Love your dress+skirt combo!!! Super chic and classy. :) I need new clothes coz I'm sick of everything in my closet! By the way, super winner that Forever 21 cuff :D
fifi leigh said…
the outfit looks good,understated but elegant. the video looks cute and youthful, promoting teen fashions.
Kai Grafia said…
Really lovely top and shoes Dear :)) They make you totally stand out! :) Video is perfect too!
Franc Ramon said…
You can really look elegant without much effort Rovie like what you did for this event.
jo-ann said…
Congrats, you projected well in the camera. Love your outfit and your arrived.
Algene said…
Ikaw na talaga ang bongga ang damit sis. Effortless talaga :)
Aileen A. said…
I love how it's flashy at the top part, slowly transcending into something simple and dainty :>
Rovie, isa kang dyosaaaaaa! :)
Patricia Tan said…
I love the top and wait! EVERYTHING Rovie! And the video looks fun! :)
Blanca said…
Love the dress, its so chic and looks comfy too. Gold looks good in black.:)
Pepper Tan said…
I love how pulled together the entire look is. Yes, effortless! I guess if you put the dress on someone else, it wouldn't look as good ;).
Debarpan said…
you look wonderful dear,dnt knw will this dress look better than you on someone else..
Arra said…
Ang ganda ng dress at ang ganda mo, Rovie! :)
Kero Pinkihan said…
for a long long time now, i've been looking for a pleated maxi skirt. no luck yet waahh! but will consider this store. does it come in other colors? thank you.

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