Flashing Lights

Kimono: From Greenhills || Dress used as a Top: Thrifted
Skirt: SM GTW Shopaholic || Bag: Sophie || Sandals: Liz Clairbone (Hand me down)
This outfit shot was taken by the super photographer Bella Morcen who made me her plus one during the Rajo for Parisian and Milanos event. This blog post is actually a bit overdue (because of the lack of time that I have and the lack of energy that I feel everytime I go home). Anyways since I don't want to dwell so much on that, let me share with you what really happened that day. 
Bella won a couple of passes for the Rajo event as SMX and she was sweet enough to make me her plus one. I've been wanting to attend Parisian events and Bella was like a fairy godmother who made that wish came true. It was actually a workday so I had to rush to SMX in my work attire. Buti nalang I have my Kimono with me and I was able to at least dress up for the Japanese theme. 
   I was just on time for the event! It was so cute for Bella and Chrisna to wait for me and just when I arrived, I had that few seconds to grab drinks and cocktaile and the Milanos segment already began. The show was ooozing with edge and sexiness. It was one of the best I've witnessed.
And the ladies started strutting the runway in kimonos. After reading instagram posts after the event, I learned that this geisha was actually Ashley Gosengfiao. Too bad I was not able to see her up close. 
Rajo for Parisian and Milanos are so amazing. I was so overwhelmed with all the beautiful things that I've seen but, Rajo surprised us with
another area with so many beautiful things like
Beautiful people 
A lot of them. 

Because the shoe area was filled with so many temptations and I didn't have money to buy Rajo for Parisian shoes, we decided to go outside and do what bloggers do. Outfit shots. However, I think it went a little crazy :P

And photobombing every photo moment we had -- even with Angel, Gerd, Miko, David and Hezron.
 And ended our day with a dinner in French Baker (that rhymed, right? :P)
And thanks bella for this! So cute. I thinking to have my hair curled again cause this photo showed me how ugly it is now. Haha.

I hope you like my mini-kwento. I wasn't able to bring a camera on the event so all of those are stolen (with permission) from Bella. If you want to see her version of the event. click here.

Thanks Bella for everything -- from my blog layout, to outfit shots and my nakaw photos. You are just awesome :)
Goodnight guys :)

Much Love, TBD


Carizza Chua said…
i didnt see you there, you were on the other side pala! i ended up getting a pair at milanos cause there were too many girls trying out Parisian that night. XD
phyaboo said…
You look better in curls :) Still, pretty kahit hindi!

See you later at the workshop!

Patricia Tan said…
Yay! Nice post here. Wala si Rhea? She's busy? You look good together with Bella :)
Pretty Ugly said…
I love the photos. :) I would have loved to attend lots of events when I was your age. :)
OMG David Guison. Hahaha. <3

Visit for arm candies/accessories at low prices -> http://www.facebook.com/GreenBerriesOnlinexx
What I've seen are awesome shoes!! I love your bag too :))
Bella Morcen said…
Hello dear! Thank you for this post. Parang dedicated to me naman? Mamamatay na ang peg? Hahahaha! Kakakilala ko palang sayo pero we're good together. Uyyyy! Nawawalang kapatid? Hahahaha! Ayyy! Ninang pala! Thanks for the sweet words po! Labyu and I miss you na talaga! May utang pa ako sa layout! Huhu! Sorry! :*
yaniconquistadora said…
Saw Milanos and Parisian billboard along EDA the other day and it was such a good breakthrough ^_^ Bdwy, nice to finally see you in person during the Uniqlo event yesterday. You are really stunning!

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