My Hair Makeover at Creations Salon

I felt like I won a lottery when i received and email from ARC PR that I am invited to the opening of Lourd Ramos Salon's Creations Salon at Eton Cyberpod. More than just inviting us to witness its launch, each of the attendees were given a treat to experience their Vegetarian Miracle Hair Treatment. I for one, badly needed something like this for my hair has been seriously damaged from all the chemical treatments -- rebonding, relaxing, the annual perming that my hair endured the past decade. 
When I arrived, bloggers & guests are already comfortably seated. I saw Kumagcow John  having his hair done already
Hello helga!! Her hair is amazing, but got more amazing after the Vegetarian Miracle treatment
While I was waiting for my turn, I got the chance to meet the genius behind Creations Salon Mr. Lourd Ramos himself. I was so impressed when I learned that Lourd, being a renowned hair and make-up artist of our country, has garnered a steady stream of awards. Some of these awards include 2007 Davines Italia Philippines Grand WinnerStudio 23’s Make-up Artist of the Yearin 2010, and Go Negosyo Starpreneur Awardin 2011. He also bagged 5thplace at the Davines World Style Contest in Barcelona, Spain. I woould definitely entrust my hair to someone as accomplished as him.
Imagine my excitement when I was called for my then. I have been thinking in agony the past weekd if I should get my hair trimmed, treated, permed -- all sorts of plans. Luckily, the invite to Creations was just perfect for my hair dilemma. Moreover, they were very generous enough to give my hair not only the Vegetarian treatment, but even the give it a FREE TRIM. Yey! (Many many thanks again, ARC PR)
After shampooing (which is usually the first step before you get seated on the beauty throne), JR put on the minty Vegetarian Miracle cream onto my scalp. It was soothing, more because it cools my scalp and JR complimenting it with a massage. I wish I could ask him not to stop massaging my hair (I've had a number of treats that day) but obviously he cannot. The cream lasted on my hair for about 15 minutes or more then he rinsed it off.
Really soothing. My hair and scalp can still feel the mint from the treatment when Roman, the assigned hairstylist started trimming my hair. In reality, the ends of my hair is a total disaster! You cannot really run your fingers through it cause its so tangled and damaged from all the (traditional) curling it has been getting ever since. Luckily, Roman trimmed it just the right length that I'll still have some curls on the edge while giving it a little more body. Moreover, he blow dried it so nicely that he gave my hair that curl and bounce (that I wish for) even for a day. And the result:
 Tada! My hair never looked this good. How I wish I know how to blow dry my hair and set it like this everyday. 
Because I was really REALLY satisfied with the treatment, I'll definitely go back. I've taken note of the rates and surprised to learn that the treatment only costs P900! I think I found the perfect salon who will take care of my hair (I need to beautify it for the next months to prepare for the big day) :D
Funny how I arrived with a boring hair and left with a better and healthier one. It was one of the days where I was able to feel like a million bucks. More than that, Lourd made the experience a lot more memorable cause he was so nice, friendly to us and all his guests. Which I believe is a trait that all of his staff has, like JR and Roman who are very professional, friendly to us as well.

If you want your hair done and experience a royal treatment (like what I had), Creations Salon has 2 branches in the Ortigas / Mandaluyong area. One in the Soho Central Podium branch is located in the Ground Floor of Greenfield District, Highway Hills, Mandaluyong City. The Eton branch is in Unit 51692 Corinthian Building Ortigas Avenue, Quezon City. Store hours are from 9AM to 9PM.

If in case you're curious how my hair looks now, when the effects of the blow dry wear out, here's a preview:

It looked a bit shorter but I'm so relieved that there are strands of curls left, and I can make my hair look like it has natural waves. Quite honestly, my mom loves its -- she kept on telling how it looked a lot healthier now than before.

Your thoughts? 

Much Love,
The Bargain Doll


Kero said…
love your new hair!! it is very becoming and suits you a fashionista that you are. I wish I can get a hair makeover soon =)
Sai Sayson said…
Love your hair transformation, girl! Plus I love your top! Sassy!

Sai from Fashion by Sai (The Fashionista)
Dys Pacete said…
I love the curls. :) Have it permed. :D
shykulasa said…
that's quite a treat! the treatment and the trim definitely enhances your good looks :-)
I like it but I think you can definitely rock a shorter "do",
MissApriil said…
haven't been to this salon, maybe because it's a bit far from where I live? But seeing your photos i think they're worth the try :)
animetric said…
Looks good! I have yet to try Creations by Lourd Ramos!
Pretty Ugly said…
I love your new hair, ZOMG! Must. Go. To. That. Salon.
Amor said…
IT's always a nice feeling after pampering one's self in a salon or in a spa, right? Ako pag galing ng salon feeling ko dalagang dalaga na talaga ako... hahahaha...
MrsMartinez said…
Nice AFTER photos!! I like that the stylist curled the ends of your hair ; )

They made you even more gorgeous after the makeover! :) I wish I could have a makeover like this, too.
Raya@Rayainthailand said…
Wow, I wish to have that same hair makeover.. My hair definitely needs pampering right now. You look fab, Rovie!
Mary Lovelee said…
OMGosh! This is the hairstyle that I also want for myself! I so want this, sis! It looks great on you. Your mom is so right! =)

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