Schu & Myth Weekend Fashion Workshop

Last Saturday, along with other bloggers were invited to a free fashion workshop at the Schu Factory outlet at Residencia 8888, Pearl Drive Ortigas. It was one of the most interesting events I've ever attended as I learned a lot about Fashion PR and Fashion Writing. 
One Mega Group's PR and Events Manager, Tedrick Yau Much gave a talk about Fashion PR while Ms. Sarah Santiago, the features editor of Mega Magazine made a substancial talk about Fashion Writing. Being in (part-time) blogging, its really important to know how to develop yourself as a blogger and as a fashion writer. And being in this workshop indeed enlightened me a lot.
No. 1 Rule in fashion writing -- PASSION. 
Admittedly, I still have to learn a lot, and this workshop made me realize that. 
The workshop probably showed me ways to (1) improve myself as a blogger (2) improve my content (3) improve my personal style. I sometimes get frustrated trying to find ways to make my blog more interesting and this workshop is a blessing. It helped me a lot.

And of course, an event will never be fun without the other bloggers around!
Went with Arnie to the event. :) Yay to North People!
Anna, Krissy and Arnie
Carizza and Nika
And you see it right! Schu pairs for only P799! Definitely going back to their outlet store to hoard! Haha
Teenuuhhh! So nice to meet you. Thanks for the photo :)

Thank you Schu Shop and Myth Boutique for the invite. Definitely looking forward for more workshops like this! And oh, I would go back to your outlet store to buy shoes!! Haha

PS If you notice the lack of outfit photos on my blog, its because (1) Paolo my photographer / fiance / bestfriend / alalay (hahaha) is in Canada (2) I lost my DSLR and (3) because of those 2, I just feel so uninspired to do a number of outfit shots. But you will see some outfit posts and may notice some difference from previous posts.

Hope you enjoy this post!
Much Love,
The Bargain Doll


Unknown said…
You're sooooo pretty!!!!!!!!
<3 the dress! :)

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k@ye said…
You girls are so lucky to have such an awesome experience and you get to be more knowledgeable about your passion. I like your dress btw. :)
Franc Ramon said…
This will sharpen your skills further as a fashionista and a fashion blogger.
Honney said…
Wow! Interesting workshop for fashion bloggers like you. :)
fifileigh said…
it looks like a fun and educational workshop. I also enjoy attending such seminars and events to see what i can learn from different inspiring people. sharing in real life can be as informative as sharing on the internet. i often like to pass on the information i learned to others online.
Thank you for everything lalo na that day, Mommy!!! :) I love you. Ganda mooo ♥ I've learned a lot from this fashion workshop, too. Sulit ang traffic na we braved for this! :)

Arnie Villanueva
michymichymoo said…
I want new shoes!!!!!! :)
Sam Lanuza said…
I love your dress here Rovie :) Rule No. 1 is correct.
Ashley K said…
Sounds like the workshop had some great points. Sorry to hear about your camera that is a bummer! I'm sure you'll find your inspiration again soon.

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