Yes, its actually the outfit I wore when I graced the opening of Creations Salon at Eton Cyberpod a week ago. You can see from the photos that my hair was treated and blow dried til it achieve that doll-like curls. Since I was able to talk about my hair a couple of posts back, I was supposed to write about the usual -- what I wore, why I selected the outfits and all sorts of things. But because I've been busy the past couple of days, readying (and facing) my (far-shot) application for a higher position in our division.
I've been in the field for four years (yes I have graduated that long ago)and its time that I wanted a step up in my career. I have so many thoughts, goals and visions for my career that I wish have delivered better in my assessment earlier. But I guess, after a long time of me being relaxed in my comfort zone, I found it hard to utter the words that I wanted to say earlier in my presentation. Oh well, what's done is done. I just pray that I get a shot on this, and even if the chances are slim.
So much for dwelling into negativity, I'm happy I get a chance to experience it and wont mind taking the next opportunity that will come. I'm probably relating my  emotions (more of anxiety) because I wore this outfit to work weeks back minus the blazer. The orange skirt has been a favorite since I thrifted it a couple of years back, amounting for only P50 (if I remember it correctly). I used to not like it for work, but when I realized how it goes well with cream / nude colored tops, (like the one I'm wearing in this post), I satrted wearing it to work (eventhough I'm always questioned on why I don't wear my uniform.)
And yes, I have savored my hair so much that day and now as I type, my hair is a mix of straight and curls combined. I sort of miss having curls and I wish I can blow dry my hair like that everyday. Oh well.
Top: Random from Greenhills || Skirt:Thrifted
Shoes: Figliarina || Necklace:  (Gift) From Singapore

But if there's one thing good that has happened to me the past couple of days, that is I finished Catching Fire (Book 2 of The Hunger Games). I probably read it so fast that I have to go back to some chapters as I was shocked / baffled on its ending. But despite the distractions I make to keep my head busy, deep inside me is still bothered whether I'll be fit for the position I'm applying for. Nevertheless, I'm keeping my fingers crossed on a positive result on this application. (

Have a fruitful long weekend guys. And please drop by the Bazaar for All Seasons this weekend Nov 3-4 at Eton Centris. :)

Much Love,
The Bargain Doll


michymichymoo said…
I love love love your shoes! ;)
Faith said…
pretty as ever! great outfit as always hun..
your hair looks amazing!super loveee <3
happy halloween!

Love the top <3

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i love your hair more now! perfect on you... try ko makapunta sa bazaar na yan, may booth ka ba?

It’s a GIRL Thing
Rhea Bue said…
ang gandaaaaa babe! <3 love the top!!! :D ikaw na! miss youuuu! :)
Pretty Ugly said…
Oh yay. This is my fave outfit of yours to date! I love everything! The top is divine.
Wendy said…
I really love those shoes. Goes great with the outfit.
Ganda mo mommy!!! This outfit is very... "me" HAHAHA ♥ Goodluck with whatever you're going through! Wishing you all the best :)
ishna said…
Good steal for the skirt! I love thrift shopping. And your hair is gorgeous. Looks good on you!
Franc Ramon said…
I'm sure your get your chance after your assessment and sometimes we do end up lacking words in making our presentations. Great outfit, by the way.
fifi leigh said…
the lacy top will also look good with jeans and flat shoes for those casual days.
Blanca said…
I love your hair, I want to achieve that kind of look for my hair, straight with soft curls. You look pretty. Good luck on your assessment. Hope you get it.:)
Lexi Fernando said…
I agree with Blanca, you hair looks fab! I'm so inggit. LOL. Good luck! :)
Isabel Rodriguez said…
I love the top and the skirt! Very nice pieces!

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